From Classroom Teacher to PESS Coordinator to TIC to Temporary District Caretaker to Classroom Teacher to TIC to Head Teacher III to Principal I to District In-Charge to Public Schools District Supervisor.

I became District PESS Coordinator in 2005 after 15-year experiences as Teacher - I in Panglima Indanan Central School. Hja. Amy U. Malbun, CESO SDS signed my new designation under the stewardship of Principal - I, Hji. Masihul S. Sajili, In-Charge of the District. Then, the In-Charge of the District installed me TIC with the approval of SDS. After a year's administration in Bunot PS, Lugmah PS and Mukammali PS. I relinquished my duty as TIC when Hji. Sajili mandatorily retired on April 27, 2007 before I accepted the new mysterious responsibility strongly endorsed by the In-Charge of the District and officially signed by SDS, Hji. Delfin M. Unga, NEAP. In the designation, my new position was boldly written as Temporary District Caretaker. So, I ran Indanan South District for two months and twenty-two days before I turned-over it to the newly-assigned Principal In-Charge, Hji. Abdulgafor J. Madjaluddin. Was I floating? Definitely yes! The SDS neglected; however; my preference to get back again to Panglima Indanan CS. Fortunately, Rugaiya B. Ibba, TIC of Pasil ES transferred to Jolo in August, 2007.  Every school head refused for the management of Pasil ES except I who accepted the request of the community led by Hon. Board Member, Albakil "Thong" D. Jikiri. It was on the 8th day of August, 2007. SDS Unga, NEAP personally presented me to the Sulu - 1st District Representative, Hon. Hji. Yusop H. Jikiri in Pasil.

On November, 2007, AAI president Albert Santoli and I became closed friend. He visited Pasil ES where concrete panel for the entire surrounding of the school was initially started. I spent five years in this school. It was also here my promotion began from TIC until Principal - I position.

In 2012, Hji. Abdulgafor J. Madjaluddin retired. He again turned-over the district to my supervision on July 16, 2012. We did it in the Notre Dame Review Center, Gandasuli, Kasulutan Village, Patikul, Sulu with the presence of Division Supervisors and Staff, teaching and non-teaching personnel of the district and the PTCA/SGC officers of Pasil ES. This is now my second time to run Indanan South District. Will it be floating again? Never mind. . . I love to work with the group though chair won't let me sit.

When I was a Grade I learner in Poblacion ES, 1976 under the custody of Jalim A. Daud, I did not dream to become any kind of people working in the government but I was just so interested to engage in school learning. In the same manner, I was always in Southwestern Mindanao Islamic Institute campus although my classes were morning only due to lack of classrooms to cater the first pioneering students of SMII in 1981. I was happier in school than staying at home. Exploration of anything that seems to me mysterious is enough to gale me in any corner. Thus, I was left behind my classmates and late to graduate high school in 1986. 

Ibrahim N. Bara, Head Teacher of Poblacion ES (70s-80s)
Actually, Bachelor in Elementary Education was not my preference. It just happened when opportunity came from the Notre Dame of Jolo College through my brother-like, Sir Arasid who suddenly saw me studying Junior Secretarial Course in Jolo Community College in 1987. I was convinced to take BEE in the sense it was a scholarship, the so-called ATTP (Accelerated Teachers Training Program) financed by Canadian Agency. Out of thirty students, only twenty-five scholars survived and proudly, I was one of them confirmed bachelor graduates in 1989. Beginning June 19, 1989, I began practicing my profession as substitute teacher vice Sitti Lina Asjali (Current PSDS of Patikul West District) who was on maternity leave of absence from Timpuk Primary School, Patikul District). Substitution was continuous until 1991. Those days, PBET (Philippine Board Examination for Teachers) was not strictly required in hiring of public school teacher. Division Competitive Examination was the top priority in teaching application. Alhamdulillah, I ranked 5th in said examination that triggered SDS, Ibrahim A. Albar to sign my appointment dated January 18, 1991 with assignment at Panglima Indanan Central School.

Alhamdulillah, I, Sir Moore was promoted to Public Schools District supervisor by virtue of my appointment signed last July 10, 2015. Based on my promotion, I can really vouchsafe the merit system applied by DepED-ARMM in promotion. I had no backer nor any bribery given to the appointing authority, Dr. John A. Magno, DepED-ARMM Secretary. I have been popular to him since he was Asec for Operations because his superior, DepED-ARMM Secretary, Atty. Jamar M. Kulayan and all Asec officials recognized me as one of the passers in NQESH (National Qualifying Examination for School Heads) conducted in Jolo, Sulu in October, 2012. In addition, I am one the district heads showing more instances of reform after my graduation from Phase-I to Phase- III DSLP (District Supervisors Leadership Program) which was firstly conducted in face to face at SEAMEO-Innotech, Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City, secondly in Indanan South District for preparation of DAP (District Action Plan) and finally in Davao City for graduation covering the period, all in all from September 7, 2012 to December 3, 2012. The above-cited opportunities happened in my life through the strong endorsement of Dr. Tim J. Undain-Sanchez, Sulu SDS for my designation as DIC of ISD and participation to DSLP.

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