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A Flash of Joy in School Leadership

Teacher's Day at PICS
Every one of us is quite familiar with many forms of gatherings. Occasionally, it involves lots of people coming from different sectors of life regardless of gender, age, occupation, tribe, religion, and personality. Typical instances of it attribute to celebrations, anniversaries, graduations, conferences, oath-taking and assumption of office, competitions, seminars, symposiums, and whatsoever occasions or affairs that need the attention and participation of people. Normally, we observe everybody in the gathering is fully absorbed with spending their time, money, and persons. Each of them looks feeling with mixed emotions of joy and grief. Interesting stories; however; are still there. It makes someone fully concentrated while others could not help but smile. Cry is uncommon but laughter and giggle are the dominant factors of noise in any gathering of people. Usually, it emanates from the existence of camera. If any flash of light crosses one's glance, an eye tries to locate it curiously. If it actually comes from a true camera of other person, a request abruptly says, "Have one shot, please." or this way, "Help me join, please." Many were disheartened by neglect and failure to join the picture-taking.
Bright Minds Read Program at Preciosa Hotel, ZC, 2/7-9/13

Picture is the record of success, accomplishment, and plan straightening the pathways towards it. Ultimately, picture is the product of joy flash ed by one's passion and contentment while doing many-sided tasks. Hence, photos are essentially required in reporting. It serves as means of verification to justify how far someone acted on duties and functions inherent to a position he/she possessed.

During our school days from elementary or high school to college, we're so fond of taking pictures with friends, classmates, teachers and schoolmates. Out of it, dozens of albums are now displayed in our houses. It signifies our passion and contentment in schooling. Sometimes, students have to walk just to reach their schools because of financial constraint. A joy forever in their heart becomes a veil for them to see their monetary incapability.
Maimbung Park

School leaders are more than just professionally-chosen. Hundreds of professionals obtained the degree of bachelor in education. However, they failed to enter the gate of educational leadership. It’s no other reason than their sizes. A space of genuine school leadership is too small to accommodate those fatty professionals. A great fortune is to those who are educators. They are admitted in the lobby of instructional leadership. Unfortunately, roaming around the entire rooms of educational leadership is just authorized to those who are instructional and transformational leaders. Leadership to them is a joy, contentment, pleasure, success, passion and freedom emanated from their undying dedication, devotion and commitment to religiously perform their mandated duties, functions, responsibilities and accountability anchored in transparency. Their visibilities are apparently-evident in both offline
Lunch time between Timbangan ES & Palan ES
and online circumstances. Thus, we will see their faces in their monthly reports, email, PC, mobile device, and many other corners of pictorials.

Photos of instructional leadership always appear dense with mixed positions of formal and informal postures. Some of their pictures are vividly stolen in nature.

Why? Have you seen a Hollywood celebrity?
It’s more than that.

Once an instructional leader performs, entire family members of the house are his audience regardless of the positions, marital, social and employment status, physical, mental and financial capability. Unavoidably, flashes of different types of camera may no longer be manageable. 

MOE Principal in PC hands on
How many pictures do you have now? 
Who are your company in those photos? 
What activities do you undergo in those pictures? 
Where were those taken? 
How far have you implemented those activities? 
What are places where you were able to take pictures of yourself? 
How many pictures do you have in receiving appreciations or recognitions?
Where are your pictures now? How many photos do you have in Facebook? How many friends do you have in Facebook? Are you one of the viewers of DepED Central and DepED-ARMM Website? Do you have flicker account? How many photos have you uploaded in your flicker account? Are you a user of Slides Share and Sribd? Are you registered in Instagram? Are you sharing photos over there? There are 3 common cloud storage for your file in internet. Which of it has the greatest number of your pictures?, Dropbox? Google Drive? or Sky Go?
Maimbung Park

Photos are portraits of actions. Desirable action  appears in the camera. School is a unique place for the implementation of those alternative courses of action collaboratively prepared and stated in School Improvement Plan (SIP) and Instructional Supervisory Plan (ISP) of every school administrator. Every school head is required to submit draft on annual SIP and ISP. Assessment and evaluation of school performance is rated based on the implementation of SIP in the school. All school head must submit their Annual Narrative Report on SIP Accomplishment. It should contain means of verification (MOV) to vouchsafe the meaningful implementation of SIP. 3 pictures, at
Lunch time at Manilop PS
least are enough to attach on the component of curriculum, staff management, learning environment, resources management and community building. In relation to ISP, every school head is required to submit TLOC (Teaching-Learning Observation Chart) attached with brief narrative report and pictorials of at least 6 teachers are pedagogically observed in a month.

I really salute you   as instructional and transformational leader. May I have a picture taking with you, please?  Hi, cameraman! Please,turn the flash on.

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