Thursday, July 25, 2013

District Vision: Individuality to Connections

PTCA/SGC Federation Officers' Oath-taking
Indanan South District is situated inside Indanan Municipality where insurgency between ASG and Government Troops frequently occurred. As a result, suspension of classes became possible. During the administration of Acting Mayor, Hon. Hussien U. Ahajan, for instance, disruption of classes in the entire district lasted for six month from September, 2010 to February, 2011. There was even some threats for the teachers in the form of letter coming from an unidentified senders warning them to be kidnapped and beheaded unless the teachers would agree to give P 50.00
Community School Board Officers' Oath-taking
monthly per teacher.

In some schools, teachers and community members were not in good terms. They often quarreled by thebasis of fencing, prohibition of feeding cows over the school ground, vandalism, and destruction of the windows, school office and many other physical facilities of the schools.
District office was not so conducive for performing administrative works caused by ruined walling, ceiling, roofing and inadequacy of tables, chairs, and other office supplies. District office caters both Indanan North and Indanan South District Supervisors and staff altogether. Either of the two has no plan to improve the office but to own it solely. Ownership of the district office had been an issue till
Formalization of Municipal School Board
it reached the Office of the SDS but it still remained unsolved.

The District In-Charge came to conclude that individuality was the root-cause of the problems. Thus, he set a vision to create connections among one another including both internal and external stakeholders in the different levels such as regional, provincial, municipal and barangay level. Daily school-to-school walkthrough was evident to all teachers and school heads. The District In-Charge served as a glue for the unification of all teachers, pupils, parents and other community members for
Provincial Engineer's Office Team
the educational concerns till they realized the vital role of their individual participation for the betterment of Indanan South District. One of those the visualized was the renovation of the district office. They strongly suggested to tap Hon. Abdusakur M. Tan, Sulu Provincial Governor for the improvement of the district office.  Finally, the OIC Provincial Engineer payed an occular visit to the district office and made a finding that the district office would need reconstruction.
Informal visit to community headmen and Local Government Unit officials triggered the plan for the organization of Community School Board and Municipal School Board.

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