Thursday, July 25, 2013

Indanan South at SEAMEO-Innotech

It was a call of Regional and Division Memorandum in response to the conduct of District Supervisors Leadership Program (DSLP) Training Workshop by DepED-ARMM in partnership with DepED Central Office. Every division of DepED-ARMM was given three slots that made a total of thirty district supervisors to stay in SEAMEO-Innotech Training Center, Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City for a period of eleven days from September 7-18, 2012.

DepED-Sulu that time was still divided into Sulu - I and Sulu - II. For Sulu - I, it was represented by District Supervisors/In-Charge of Indanan South District, Patikul East District, Wilson S. Alih and Talipao District, Totoh A. Habibun. Stated in memorandum that every participant must be newly-installed district supervisor whose age did not exceed fifty years old; hence; participants from Sulu - I Division were not full-fledged district supervisors because Sulu - I full-fledged district supervisors were almost to retire.

The training workshops were categorized into 3 phases: Phase - I was a face-to-face learning session at SEAMEO-Innotech from September 7-18, 2012; Phase - II  was District Action Plan (DAP) enhancement and implementation in their districts, respectively from November 1-30, 2012; and Phase - III was learning integration and graduation at Davao City from December 2-4, 2012.

During Phase - I, DSLP scholars underwent tour as part of the learning sessions to Sto. Cristo Elementary School in Bulacan. This school belonged to a district there headed by a DSLP graduate. This DSLP district head also gave lecture to DSLP scholars from DepED-ARMM before a courtesy visit was extended to the Municipal Mayor of Bulacan, Hon. Menneses. On the first day of tour, DSLP scholars were also given an oppurtunity to visit Intramuros, Luneta, Mall of Asia and Green Hills.
In second day, another tour was made to Muntinlupa Elementary School and Gen. Santiago Elementary School. There was a warmest welcome offered by Muntinlupa Elementary School to the DSLP scholars by way of posting mini flags of ARMM, presence of parents and LGU officials, school band entertainment and program where group of pupils performing dance attributed to the customs and traditions of the ARMM people. The principal of this school was also a DSLP graduate. Session
was conducted there with a topic, creating connections lectured by the principal. Afterwards, the scholars proceeded to Gen. Santiago Elementary School. They reached this school by passing Malacanang Palace. Implementation of ALIVE Program was massively excellent in this school. This school was known throughout Manila in producing back-to-back graduates.

Phase - I focused on planning and preparation of DAP by every district supervisor after series of learning sessions facilitated by prominent lecturers and learning mentors from DepED-ARMM like Marjuni M. Maddi, Regional Planning Director now,
Dr. Fatima B. Abubakar, Director of the Bureau of Secondary Education now, and Usec. Alsad Sattar, Bureau of Madaris Education. Other dignified personalities from DepED-ARMM were Atty. Jamar M. Kulayan, DepED-Secretary, Asec. Noor Saada and Moby Pandi. After Phase - I, scholars were just give Certificate of Appearance and the Certificate of Participation and Recognition would be given during Phase - III at Davao City. Before Phase - I ended, an election for the Officers of DSLP-ARMM happened. Indanan South District was elected Vice President of DSLP.

So, DSLP mentees went home with their Certificate
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of Appearance that would inspire them to enhance and implement their DAP in their respective districts. There was a weekly online sharing of all Class A, Class B, and Class C with their respective Learning Mentors. Indanan South District was so lucky to have Dr. Fatima B. Abubakar as Learning Mentor.

Finally, graduation was realized at Garden Resort, Davao City from December 2-4, 2012.

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