Friday, July 26, 2013

Mayor Eddih Prepares Pasil ES Playground for District Meet 2013

As reported by Faisal A. Kadil, Head Teacher - III of Pasil ES at DOC today that the Municipal Government of Indanan under the able leadership of Hon. Saripuddin "Eddih" D. Jikiri, re-elected Municipal Mayor requested the greader equipment of the Department of Public Works and Highway-Sulu for the leveling of Pasil Elementary School Playground in preparation for the this year's conduct of 3-Day District Meet 2013. Last year, Panglima Indanan Central School was the venue of the District Meet where he sent on his behalf Hji. Iriles "Utuh Dirih" N. Ladjabassal, Municipal Information Officer to articulate his inspirational message on the strengthening of Physical Education
and School Sports in Indanan South District. He also advised his municipal employees headed by Hji. Akmad Muksan, Municipal Administrator to join the parade from Poblacion to Panglima Indanan Central School. Likewise, Mayor Eddih ordered the PNP mobile of Indanan to spearhead the motorcades in front of the parade and to remain in Lampaki at daytime until the end of  the athletic activities.

In the finality of his speech delivered by Hji. Ladjabassal, Mayor Eddih strongly requested the District In-Charge and the tournament manager team to include Pasil in the year-to-year rotation of District Meet's venue. After the Municipal Information Officer relayed the message, Utuh Dirih handed an envelop to the District In-Charge.

"Samoore, here is from our Municipal Mayor" Utuh Dirih said.

"Thank you, Utuh Dirih, tell the Mayor" the District In-Charge replied. "Indah Hja. Sarah, keep this envelop of our Mayor" the District In-Charge added.

In the afternoon, the District In-Charge gathered all the school administrators and the District PESS Coordinator, Jahaddi J. Taulani to see what inside the Mayor's envelop was. It was P 10, 000.00

In the opening program, the District In-Charge was the last speaker. It was the declaration for the opening of sports and literary competions for 4 participating units in the 3-Day District Meet 2012. The District In-Charge ended his words with response to the request of the Mayor to include Pasil for the venue of yearly conduct of District Meet. He expressed repeatedly that the decision for the year-to-year venue of District Meet was a round-robin basis. It was alread long decided by the former District Supervisor, Hji. Abdulgafor J. Madjaluddin in consultation with all the school heads and the District PESS Coordinator. It began in Timbangan ES to Panglima Indanan Central School and the next would be Pasil ES.

In behalf of Indanan South District, the District In-Charge is very much happy to express his warmest thanks and gratitude to Hon. Mayor, Saripuddin "Eddih" D. Jikiri in preparing now Pasil ES Playground for upcoming conduct of 3-Day District Meet 2013.

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