Saturday, July 27, 2013

Old Chalkboard Inspires DepED-ARMM Asec

As I browsed my Facebook timeline, first post that clasped my eyes was a notification saying, "Asec Noor Saada updated his cover photo." Underneath the notification, I saw green photo framed with brown color. On its center were chalk-written words, not so legible to one's sight. I told myself, "It looks like a chalkboard in the district office." I wiped my two eyes with both fingers and stared again at the cover photo. It was confirmed. It's ours. . . old chalkboard displayed on the wall of Indanan South District Office.

LOL (laugh-out loud) controlled my being. It intensely repeated over and over again in my solitude. I forgot to be ashamed of making laughter alone in front of my desktop. I really pondered on it for a long while.

"What makes Asec Noor Saada use it as his cover photo?", a question to myself. 

I didn't really know the answer that could precisely satisfy me than to click "like" and began typing, "Thanks, Sir Noor for using it as cover photo of your Facebook."

After some minutes, it came a reply, "Nakaka-inspire kasi!"

"Allaho Akbar!", a loud shout in my heart.

Until now, I'm unable to fully put it into details the inspiration as what Sir Noor mentioned carried by that old chalkboard. Thus, I'm also inspired to publish this as a blog of Indanan South District so that whoever happens to read this will be able share with me its hiddenness out of its evidence. What I can frankly tell you that it was written by Murphy B. Immid, District ALS Coordinator while the school heads were too busy grouping themselves into 4 groups that would tackle those listed foci on that old chalkboard in the forthcoming 1-Day IN-SET for School Heads at Kasambuhan Village Elementary School, July 31, 2013.

1-Day IN-SET for School Heads was not in our intention aside from having just a meeting last July 11, 2013. What came in my mind as District In-Charge was that to visit your school and inspect the condition of teaching and learning process in time of Ramadhan and to solicit your issues and concerns in the schools so that I exactly know what type of educational assistance or advice I may provide or employ collaboratively with you as instructional leaders.

In closing, please, help me, not LOL alone but offer our sincerest thanks to Sir Asec Noor Saada in giving value and appreciation to our huge deeds that we never even sense it.

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