Thursday, August 1, 2013

1-Day IN-SET for School Heads

12 school heads of Indanan South District were given a 1-Day IN-SET at Kasambuhan Village Elementary School yesterday, July 31, 2013. Ever since, a monthly IN-SET for all school administrators has not been conducted in the district except in the school level. Thus, the District In-Charge is in hesitance to establish it as modern practice though he has observed it is essentially needed as far as instructional leadership enhancement among school leaders is concerned.

Kerwin C. Asid, ESP-I of Moh. Jadjurie ES, Jolo-I District
1-Day IN-SET emanated from a round visit done by the District In-Charge in the entire schools under his supervision. He solicited specific issues and concerns of every school in order that he would be able to provide an appropriate assistance towards making a difference. He also informed every school head that a meeting a day after tomorrow would be held at the district office. Agenda would depend on the current issues and concerns of every school. Most of the suggested agenda needed much time for its discussion; consequently; the meeting led to conduct a 1-Day IN-SET to review the following key foci:
  1. Preparation of Teaching-Learning Observation Chart (TLOC)
  2. Table of Specifications (TOS)
  3. Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (Phil-IRI)
  4. Daily Principal's Tasks (DPT)
  5. School Improvement Plan (SIP)
  6. National Competency-Based Teachers Standards (NCBTS)
  7. Cooperative Learning
  8. Instructional Supervisory Plan (ISP)
Knees and Toes Ice Breaker
The 12 school heads were grouped into 4 groups. The aforementioned topics were distributed to the 4 groups of school administrators. Expected by the District In-Charge was to have only 1 presenter from every group after collaborative efforts for the learning sessions be done. To his surprise, every member in a group was having presentation using the power point. As a result, every one of them was a listener at the same time a presenter. So, TIC was motivated to delivered some topics in front of veteran principals. Exposure among TICs was clearly evident before those long-termed experience school administrators.

Receiving envelop of transpo
All school heads were so fully concentrated to every presenter for as they realized its usefulness in their line of duties as school leaders and school managers.

"We will do this monthly, Sir" chorused by them.

The District In-Charge was so glad to reply, "In sha Allah, we will." 

"Still we will tap Dr. Mohammad E. Sahirani to lecture to us on Cooperative Learning. Anyway, he's not around in this IN-SET where he must expound the teaching strategy that he strongly suggested during the recent post conference at Timbangan Elementary School" added by the school heads.

"Of course!" the District In-Charge agreed.

At 12 high noon, participants had to take break and the District In-Charge accompanied by the Disbursing Officer, Alyasir A. Hussam led the way downtown to withdraw some amount from Landbank. He just advised the school heads to continue the session at 1 PM.

Closure time
Finally, ample closure came to follow where every participant was, in surprise, called one by one to come up front with flash from camera to receive an envelop contained P 200.00. Faces of participants looked not fasting as they moved out of the session hall way  home.

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