Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bright Smile, Bright Future of Palan ES

The only elementary school of Indanan South District located between the Municipality of Talipao and Maimbung is the Palan Elementary School. Its school building rises by the roadside of Jolo-Talipao National Highway. Dr. Hja. Sarah Y. Hayudini, ESP – I is the school head who is now on leave of absence for medication; thus; her sister, Juaisa Y. Muallam, T – I is the Caretaker of the school as of today.
Palan ES during 1st School Team Visitation
Palan Elementary School is in complete elementary school status. It accommodates school children from kindergarten to Grade 6 classes. One thing that made Palan ES proud of is the intervention of the so-called Bright Smile, Bright Future Program. Grade 1 pupils of this school are recipients of some common supplies from said program such as toothbrush and tooth paste. It is a product of COLAGATE-PALMOLIVE PHILIPPINES INC.

Juaisa Y. Muallam assisting Grade 1 Adviser
Recently, Palan ES was in receipt of some boxes of supplies from Bright Smile, Bright Future Program. It contained items like toothpaste, toothbrush, flipbooks, Teacher’s Guide and one CD. Pieces of toothpaste are as many as 51 in numbers; toothbrush is 51 pieces; flipbook is a piece; Teacher’s Guide is also one; and CD is one package, too.
Grade 1 pupils raising their toothbrush

Target activity for Grade 1 is a proper way of tooth brushing. Lesson is explicitly expounded in a flipbook. Every pupil is advised to brush teeth at least three times a day. The School Caretaker, Juaisa Y. Muallam also assisted the Grade 1 Adviser in exploring the guidelines articulated in the flipbook. The Grade 1 Adviser integrates the lesson on tooth brushing in accordance with the procedures stated in the Teacher’s Guide. Likewise, viewing is also tackled in the classroom by using the CD wherein every Grade 1 learner is able to visualize the correct way of brushing the teeth with toothpaste.
Grade 1 pupils listening to the Caretaker

Source from Juaisa Y. Muallam, Caretaker

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