Friday, August 2, 2013

Influence: Good Deeds Power Generation

Palan ES gardeners
Everyone of us should possess the quality of INFLUENCE that makes other people see those good things we undergo in our daily life as school managers, classroom teachers or learning facilitators and as co-partners for making difference in the life of our school children. No matter how small a good thing done by our fellow mankind, every one of us must not neglect to give impression so that good deeds shall prevail in all situations of this life. In the event showing pictures of it is no longer available, verbal dissemination must still be required to be one of the subjects in our daily conversation.

As I left Palan ES yesterday, gardening activity became a part of my vocabulary till it came out of my tongue in our talks with the principal and teachers of Panglima Indanan Central School (PICS). When I was already home at night, I could not stay relaxed unless I would have to post the pictures of Palan pupils digging the soil for their garden plots.

Timbangan ES teachers at half-day IN-SET
At 12 noon today, I drove my Road Sports Honda 125 to Timbangan ES where I witnessed the TIC, Masdida M. Sarabi facilitating the half-day IN-SET for the teachers. I was given some minutes of opportunity to utter few words, "I really appreciate your accomplishment and potentials, Timbangan teachers. What awesome strategies you did in winning the sympathy of the people of the entire Barangay Timbangan to pay their unpaid electric bills in SULECO (Sulu Electric Cooperative) that made the entire neighborhood disconnected from the Cooperative! How many years they bore their decision not to have electric light in their houses rather than to pay their bills worth hundred thousand but because of your needs for the preparation of the arrival of e-Class Program in your school, they renew their decision to pay their electric bills! You are so important to them. That's really your nobility in their sight. So, protect that nobility. That's your attire to them. Do not wear that attire off. Apparently, attire implies, first and foremost, our prescribed DepED uniforms as teachers.”
District In-Charge, a witness of half-day IN-SET

I proceeded to PICS to get updates over new accomplishments of the newly-reassigned principal, Sitti Palman I. Mohammad. A distance of meters away, pupils emerged busy with their bolos and gardening tools in digging the soil for their gardening plots. Instantly, the teachers asked me to give a shot for picture taking of the pupils in their proposed plots. I put out my camera and focused them when I heard a shout. . .”Wait for me, please. I’ll get first the tarpaulin of Gulayan sa Paaralan.” I noticed it was the school principal. I concluded that Palan ES gardening hastened PICS to build their plots of garden. It’s the power of verbal dissemination and pictures of good deeds. It’s the power of INFLUENCE.

PICS gardeners
I finally parked my RS by the roadside facing Poblacion ES planning to engage with people near the vicinity of the school, a recipient of e-Class Program, too. After a while, I glimpsed Alyasir A. Hussam, TIC driving his motorcycle from his annex school, Manilop PS. He updated me about their talks with teachers in preparation for District Meet 2013 and the all-out supports of the parents for the school programs and projects. He also planned to submit communication letter to  the municipal mayor requesting financial assistance for the repair of school concrete panel.
Gardeners at the backyard of PICS

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