Monday, April 27, 2015


Joy Sanchez, Division Coordinator on Kindergarten urgently requested the appearance of DIC in her office prior to the arrival of Ramadhan 2013. She revealed that 4 elementary schools in Indanan South District will be recipients of e-Classroom under DepED Computerization. Every selected school Program launched by DepED Central Office. Every selected school will be given 6 computer units power by only 1 CPU with 1-year free internet connection and other ICT facilities provided the school can afford to show some counterpart requirements. Confirmation of every e-Classroom recipient school was immediately needed by the e-Class Coordinator. Accordingly, the facilities and installation would be arriving after Ramadhan so long as the school would meet the requirements. In the event any school fails to produce the said requirements, all e-Class facilities will be brought back to the DepED Central Office.

Except Panglima Mammah Elementary School, the rest could hardly disclose their firm decisions. TIC of Timbangan Elementary School was stunned with a reason that the entire neighborhood of Barangay Timbangan was suffering from Sulu Electric Cooperative (SULECO) disconnection caused by their unpaid electric bill worth hundred thousands. Similarly, Sitti Palman I. Mohammad former Principal of Poblacion Elementary School faced the same issues on electricity like what Timbangan experienced. Head Teacher – III of Pasil Elementary School positively assured that counterpart requirements were not burden for Pasil Elementary School. Thus, Mrs. Sanchez handed to them the guidelines for the preparation of e-Classroom Program as follows:
  1. Classroom should be 9 meters x 7 meters or approximately 63 sq. m. in floor area and should be ready to house two Host PC and Six Computer Terminals.
  2. Four computer tables:  1. Two 4.8 x 0.8 meters; 2. One 1.8 x 0.8 meters; and one 0.5 x 0.8 meters
  3. Fifty pieces of mono chairs
  4. Two units of stand fan
  5. Sufficient lighting
  6. Window and door grills
  7. Proper electrical wirings with circuit breaker
  8. Standard electrical outlets with appropriate load capacity
  9. Electrical grounding
  10. Cables for the ceiling
  11. Mounted projector
  12. One VGA cable (15 meters) – a VGA cable is a lead used for transmitting video signals. It is most commonly used to link computers with monitors. However, it is now used on some high definition televisions.
Note: Aircon is NOT REQUIRED.

In as much as Masdida M. Sarabi is newly-designated TIC of a big school, Timbangan ES, the DIC decided to visit her school for assistance. He asked the TIC about the full details of issues and concerns of Timbangan ES in relation to the preparation for e-Classroom. Afterwards, he provided the TIC with some strategic actions to optimistically resolve the issues. After three days, Mrs. Sarabi raised her thumb up as she saw the DIC coming again to her school. She gladly informed the DIC that SULECO would be ready to reconnect electricity to every consumer’s house. Aside from it, PTCA officers and other members were busy constructing tables required by e-Class. What awesome initiative and potentials of newly-installed TIC!

Further, the DIC visited Sitti Palman I. Mohammad, ESP – I of Poblacion Elementary School where he heard pessimistic expectation from the principal concerning the realization of e-Classroom in said school. It took time for the DIC to motivate and convince the principal for the alternative courses of action that must be done. Luckily, Timbangan ES success for the preparation of e-Class counterparts gradually made Ms. Mohammad to try it in her school. Fifty percent of the preparation was almost done when she was reassigned to head Panglima Indanan Central School last July 30, 2013 and Alyasir A. Hussam, former TIC of Dayuan-Manilop Primary School took the full school leadership authority in Poblacion Elementary School. Two days ago, the TIC related to the DIC what he did in connection with the preparation for e-Class. It seemed that was very pleasant to ears as the TIC stating the full details of his efforts. He concluded that Poblacion would be now ready for the arrival of e-Class. Another fantastic TIC!

Faisal A. Kadil was just installed last year to oversee Pasil Elementary School when the DIC accepted the District Turn-over made by retired Supervisor, Hji. Abdulgafor J. Madjaluddin last July 16, 2012. Regardless of his insufficient administrative experience, Mr. Kadil possessed huge optimism that everything would be possible if focused-efforts to strive for the attainment of goal would be there. With it, he was first to post at DOC some photos of his counterpart requirements for the e-Class.

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