Friday, January 17, 2014

IMSB Gives Indanan Delegation Light in SPAAM 2013

It's just happened in the reign of Hon. Saripuddin "Eddih" D. Jikiri, the Municipal Mayor of Indanan, Sulu. Yes, Synergeia had been previously in the municipality to re-invent the local school board. It was just; however; a monthly meeting continued to gather both Indanan North and South District supervisors and some other selected school administrators.
Specifications of monthly allocation at the amount of P 15,000.00 for the Indanan Municipal School Board was started by Mayor Eddih last April, 2013 deposited monthly in Islamic Amanah Bank, Jolo - Branch where Samoore S. Ladjahali, Indanan South District In-Charge became Co-signatory in compliance with the decision of Dr. Tim U. Arbison, Schools Division Superintendent.  

December 2, 2013 in accordance with Eddih's decision urgently convened with all school officials of both districts suggesting to unite them as one contingent to Sulu Provincial Athletic Association Meet 2013 that would be conducted in the usual venue effective Dec. 15-21, 2013. Indanan North and South District school managers willingly agreed with the Municipal Government's decision until 1-day selection meet of both districts was successfully conducted at Timbangan Elementary School Playground last December 4, 2013. 

Financial expenses were always the hazard for the districts to form sports delegation with competent athletes to compete in the different sports events with other districts. As estimated, shortage of P 45,000.00 was still inevitable even though every teacher would contribute P 550.00 that made most teachers oftentimes insincere. Through the generous collaboration of the municipal and barangay officials, Alhamdulillah, teacher shared only a counterpart of P 280.00. The rest was shouldered by IMSB including the remaining expenses of Indanan National High School headed by Tony K. Asanji, the Principal. Both districts plus 3 secondary schools would spend P 180,000.00 for all necessities of their athletes. Both elementary and secondary teachers contributed P 70,000.00. So, the IMSB would cover P 110,000.00. Amazing result was really unbelievable in so far as darkest history of Indanan in the top 5 winning delegations was concerned. Admittedly yes, every year there was one or two trophies received but it was only some sports events. Way back in 1993, Indanan District was champion but it's only in children baseball. Thus, help me congratulate Indanan Delegation for being 3rd Runner Up in SPAAM 2013 participated by 18 municipalities of Sulu.

In literary contests, Indanan Delegation was 5th in academic Grade 6 (Upper Kajatian Elementary School) and 1st Runner Up in Lukis Bata'-Bata' (Panglima Mammah Elementary School).

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