Sunday, July 20, 2014

First to Happen Ever Since

Indanan South District In-Charge was one of the participants in the District Supervisors Leadership Program (DSLP) conducted in SEAMEO-Innotech (Southeast Asian Minister of Educators Organization-Innovative Technology), Quezon City from September 7-18, 2012.
One of the learning sessions was a tour to Bulacan visiting some schools of the district also supervised by the first DSLP graduate. As a result of this excursion, Samoore S. Ladjahali of Indanan South District conceived to implement the school band that he noticed in all elementary schools of Bulacan that really made pupils more enjoyable to attend their classes. He did it with a man-to-man motivation for every school head of his district until it was finally initiated by some schools in the advent of 2013.

District Federation of PTCA/SGC (School Governing Council) officers came up with their tangible project in the form of one set drum and turned it over to the DIC and District Pess Coordinator during District Policy Conference fully attended by all teachers, District Commissioners, PTCA officers and barangay officials. The turn-over was made by Sandra A. Nurmajan, District PTCA Federation Officer. It was agreed that Panglima Indanan Central School where an office of the PTCA was established should be the custodian of the tangible project and drumming lesson should be started with intermediate grade pupils by Anariza J. Hussam.

Upnext was the Palan Elementary School headed by Dr. Hja. Sarah Y. Hayudini, Principal - I that proposed to organize drumming class during MAPE but failed to do so due to unavailability of teacher for the lesson. 

Astonishingly, Manilop Primary School appeared in the scene. It's just an annex school headed by TIC Alyasir A. Hussam. School PTCA was decided to produce one set of drum for their school band thru the inspiration of provisional teacher, Nuradal A. Rabbayani, School Nurse, Hja. Sherilyn I. Taji and their TIC. It's really fantastic to note in Indanan South District. Parents, teachers and school children were so delightful to see the set of drums during the tun-over ceremony of the PTCA's tangible project. After the ceremony as instructed by the TIC, Nuradal A. Rabbayani and School Nurse Hja. Sherilyn I. Taji pulled in the selected pupils with their instruments while the TIC took on video of the newly-trained drummers of Manilop Primary School. How happy and funny to our eyes these proud teachers, pupils, school nurse and TIC are!

Likewise, Kasambuhan Village Elementary School led by Principal Nur-aisha A. Gonzales also inspired her parents and stakeholders to own school band that would be under the advisory class of Marlene N. Jadjuli.

All of these things were the alarming change happened in Indanan Municipality where all people admittedly vouchsafe that it had never happened since before.

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