Monday, December 21, 2015

Supersam Haircut in a Super Hairstyle

As Public Schools District Supervisor (PSDS) of Indanan South District, Supersam tried to adopt a new man's haircut or newhair style that also look formal and fit to school uniform. He used some gel for hair style so that his hair would appear superb, too.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Albert Santoli Adds Bunot ES and Poblacion ES to AAI-DA-DepED Gulayan sa Paaralan Program

AAI President, Albert Santoli added Bunot Elementary School and Poblacion Elementary School in the AAI-DA-DepED Gulayan sa Paaralan Program. He posted some messages about the inclusion of two schools in his Facebook timeline, on the walls of concerned schools, DIC Moore and Ma'am Mercia S. Alli, Sulu DA Head. Jurmainna H. Hunding, Head Teacher III of Bunot ES and Alyasir A. Hussam, TIC of Poblacion and Annex were already aware and grateful for being in the list of piloted MOBE schools for Gulayan sa Paaralan. In addition, Bro AL also informed the Sulu-Division Coordinator his approval and acceptance of Bunot Elementary School as member of the MOBE school; therefore; it should receive books supplies and other educational assistance of AAI whenever shipment arrives in Sulu.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

ISD Receives 1-Set Computer from Hon. Assemblywoman, Hja. Nedra S. Burahan

DIC (District In-Charge) Samoore S. Ladjahali of ISD (Indanan South District) received one-set computer from the Office of the Regional Assemblywoman, Hon. Hja. Nedra S. Burahan of the 1st District, Sulu. The gadget was firstly turned-over to the DepED headed by Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Tim J. Undain, FRIEdr. during the Sulu Education Summit held at Sulu Provincial Gym assisted by Hon. Governor, Totoh Abdusakur Tan II and witnessed by the DepED-ARMM Secretary, Dr. John A. Magno last July 21, 2015.

PTC and Cards Distribution Simultaneously Happen on 15th Day of August, 2015

DepED Order No. 9 s. 2015 dated April 1, 2015 stipulated the schedule of the 1st Quarter Examination (QE) of first grading period in all public elementary schools. 1st QE should begin effective August 6-7, 2015 for the entire grade levels of both primary and elementary schools. Every teacher and school head are directed to observe that schedule to ensure complete number of school days targetted for this School Year 2015-2016. It further stated that Cards Distribution and Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) should be conducted during Saturday, August 15, 2015.

Friday, July 31, 2015

OSYDA Members' Confirmation for Summit in Tagaytay

OSYDA (Out-of-School-Youth Development Alliance) convened at Municipal Administrator's Residence, Hon. Hji. Akmad Muksan, Km. 2, Kajatian, Indanan, Sulu last July 24, 2015 at around 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. It finalized the confirmation of every member of OSYDA in the Summit of seven sites that will be held in Tagaytay effective August 10-13, 2015.

Campus Journalism Act of 1991 (RA: 7079)

This page features the full text of 
    Republic Act No. 7079 




Procedures of Ranking DepED Personnel for PBB

In the second day of 2nd Batch DepED-Sulu Division Policy Conference at DepED Conference Hall, Jolo, Sulu last July 25, 2015, Dr. Joel A. Alamia, ESP I/Division Coordinator for Araling Panlipunan presented a very interesting learning session thru PowerPoint signifying about the proper preparation and guidelines for the entitlement of DepED personnel in the Division, District and School levels in the most awaited implementation of which is the so-called PBB (Performance-Based Bonus).

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Five Walk-in Applicants Take TACE

The Indanan South District has five (5) successful passers in LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers) conducted last March 29, 2015. These five LET-passer-teacher applicants belonged to the category of the so-called 'Walk-in' in the conduct of TACE at the DPWH Office, Jolo, Sulu last July 20-22, 2015 by the RSPB (Regional Selection and Promotion Board) led by the following Regional DepED Officials:
  • Dr. John A. Magno - DepED-ARMM Secretary
  • Atty. Sittie Mariam Balahim - Asec for Operations and Finance
  • Dir. Marjuni Maddi - Asec for Academics

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ISD Team Wins P 4, 000.00

Indanan South District Team won P 4, 000.00 as prizes of their participation in the athletic competition sponsored by the Municipal Government of Indanan under the stewardship of Hon. Mayor, Saripuddin "Eddih" D. Jikiri. The District In-Charge, Samoore S. Ladjahali was a member of the Executive Committee for the conduct of Hariraya Pu-asa Celebration 2015 of the Indanan Municipal Government commemorated in the facade of the Municipal Office, Pasil, Indanan, Sulu last July 20, 2015. As agreed in the committee meeting, DIC Moore should form volleyball players that should be composed of purely-selected teachers of the district. The organizers of the activity to highlight the Eid'l Fit'r Commemoration 2015 expected two teams from the Indanan South District teachers of whom Team A came from male teachers and Team B came from female teachers. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sir Bernard ENGAGEs with IMSB

At the ISD Office this morning, Sir Bernard S. Tony, On-Site Coordinator of ENGAGE (Enhanced Governance Accountability Engage) financed by USAID convened with all the members of Indanan Municipal School Board. Members in attendance were the following:
  • Hji. Iriles N. Ladjabassal, Alternate of the Mayor
  • Samoore S. Ladjahali, DIC
  • Hja. Anang P. Jamiri, ESP I
  • Hja. Ajijaton Mantara, School Nurse
  • Sandara A. Nurmajan, Federation PTCA/SGC President
  • Faisal A. Kadil, ESHT III
  • Alyasir A. Hussam, TIC

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Eddih Declares 2-Day Hariraya Pu-asa Celebration

Last July 20, 2015 at Pasil, Indanan, Sulu, Hon. Mayor, Saripuddin "Eddih" D. Jikiri declared the 2-Day Hariraya Pu-asa Celebration 2015 though it was not a non-working holiday in the entire Municipality of Indanan. Eid'l Fit'r Commemoration has already been a practice of the municipal government since the rise of Eddih. Previously, non-working days for the line agencies in Indanan were officially enjoined by virtue of municipal memorandum except this year's hariraya celebration.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

"Filipino: Wika ng Pambansang Kaunlaran"

This year’s celebration of the Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 2015 possesses a theme: "FILIPINO: WIKA NG PAMBANSANG KAUNLARARN". The theme was given by the KWF (Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino). The Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 2015 will be celebrated with the following purposes:
  1. Fully implement Presidential Proclamation No. 1041
  2. Use the language through translation as an instrument of peace
  3. Reflect the importance of language understand more predominantly for national unity

10 Successful Passers in LET 2015

As finally surveyed and determined from the reports of eleven school administrators of Indanan South District, the ISD is so proud to update everyone of its 10 successful passers in the conduct of Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) dated March 29, 2015. The result was released last May 22, 2015. Those 10 LET passers belong to the two categories, namely: 1. Provisional teachers; and 2. Volunteer teachers in the different elementary schools and primary schools of Indanan South District.

Albert Santoli: School Gifts for Eid Mubarack Activities at Their Schools.

At Sulu State College Laboratory High School Library today, Ms. Rohelyn S. Ahaja, AAI Staff - Sulu Chapter managed the distribution of 12-stuff toys and seven assorted games to different MOBE schools shipped by Albert Santoli, President of Asisa America Initiative. Four MOBE schools were about to receive the school gifts from the AA Staff today, namely: 1. Kasambuhan Village Elementary School headed by Principal Nur-aisha A. Gonzales; 2. Timbangan Elementary School headed by TIC Masdida M. Sarabi; 3 Poblacion Elementary School headed by TIC Alyasir A. Hussam; and 4. Pasil Elementary School headed by Head Teacher Faisal A. Kadil.

RPSB Conducts Interview and Teaching Demonstration in Jolo

The Regional Promotion and Selection Board of the DepED-ARMM will conduct interview and teaching demonstration in the DPWH Department of Publice Works and Highways Office, Jolo, Sulu on July 20, 2015 at 1:00 PM in the afternoon to those LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers) passer applicants who underwent Teachers' Assessment and Competency Examination (TACE) last February, 2015 in the same venue. This was based on the post of Rio DepED-ARMM, Facebook Fanpage manned by Sir Moby Pandy (Bansai Saba-Samurai), DepED-ARMM Regional Information Officer.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sports Activity Diverts Monotony

In 2012, the Indanan South District modified the conduct of District Meet participated by the eleven elementary schools, namely: 1. Kasambuhan Village Elementary School; 2. Panglima Mammah Elementary School; 3. Timbangan Elementary School; 4. Palan Elementary School; 5. Bunot Elementary School and Annexes; 6. Panglima Indanan Central School; 7. Poblacion Elementary School and Annex; 8. Mukammali Elementary School; 9. Langpas Elementary School and Annex; 10. Panglima Ahajan Elementary School and Annex; and 11. Pasil Elementary School and Annexes. Its innovation was done by way of increasing the number of competing units, maximizing the sports events that would be played on, synchronizing with both conduct of academic and ball games competitions, holding a kilometer parade and involving the PTCA, SPG, CTA, SGC, IMSB, LGU, BLGU's and other sectors and educational stakeholders.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

SPG Standard Election Code for Commission on Elections

Supreme Pupil Government needs to be institutionalized in all Publice Elementary Schools as mandated by the DepED Order No. 47 s. 2014 dated December 1, 2014. It is a newly-revised guidelines for the organization of Supreme Pupil Government that aims to prepare and train students to engage in school governance in the entire studentry. As a preparation for the nation building through electoral practices consistent with the currently-applied processes in the national and local elections of the Republic of the Philippines, the Department of Education set guidelines for the students and teachers that may serve as Commission on Election for better, fair, honest and orderly conduct of Supreme Pupil Government.

Monday, July 13, 2015

A Smile That Inspires Me

On April 30, 2015 at around 7:04 am, Dhang Aksan sent me Facebook private message, “Salam.”

Dhang Aksan is FB profile name of Sandar A. Nurmajan, President of the PTCA/SGC District Federation which was firstly organized in 2012. This organization is newly-introduced in Indanan South District. It is conducted every year purposely to observe only 1-year term of office. Hence, Dhang Aksan was just elected vice president in 2013. When election came in 2014; however; she again got more votes for the president position.

Sample Constitution and By-Laws for SPG in Public Elementary Schools

The Department of Education (DepED) issues sample Constitution and By-Laws for Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) in all public elementary schools. The DepED issuance signifies or recognizes the significant role and contribution of SPG in the schools and under the Student Government Program. In compiance with DepED Order No. 47 s. 2014 dated December 1, 2014, every elementary schoo shall follow the following format of SPG Constitution and By-Laws:

Sunday, July 12, 2015

How Pasil ES Revitalizes School Canteen

For the past ten years ago, Pasil Elementary School had no school canteen. More than four hundred school children went outside of the campus for snacks during morning break. Some privately-owned sari-sari stored were established outside along the National Highway at the facade of the biggest school in Indanan South District. There were also small stores inside the school campus but it did belong to the school. It was attached to houses of community members residing in the playground of the school. Some community members engaged in conflict among themselves because of business competition for the school children.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tambuang Fall Appears in DepED-Sulu Division Presentation Soon

Tambuang Fall is one of the slides presentation of DepED-Sulu in the Regional gathering of the Schools Division Superintendent tentatively scheduled from July 13-15, 2015. This information relayed  to the District In-Charge by Dr. Joel A. Alamia, Division Coordinator for Araling Panlipunan.

AAI President Needs Budget Proposal from Kasambuhan VES, Mukammali ES and Pasil ES

Asia America Initiative President Albert Santoli needs budget proposal from Kasambuhan Village Elementary School, Mukammali Elementary School and Pasil Elementary School for an accurate planning for the funds that shall be needed in making their respective Gulayan sa Paaralan Program more productive with fertile preparation or cultivation of school children's gardening plots which have just been dug as posted in their Facebook website.

The need for said budget proposal was sent through private message in Facebook by Bro. AL to the District In-Charge this evening, July 11, 2015 that may be read as follows:

Bro AL:         Brother Moore, this is for tomorrow's planning meeting for 2015-16 at the Dep ed office of Nurse Hja Shareen: for what AAI can do as our basic programs, but can be expanded depending on funding, which I am working on now. Another shipment of books and school supplies and the eco-bags is enroute to Jolo from manila by sea. But it make take a little time because of the typhoon. : Please inform the group that we have more books and other school supplies coming. But it is important we set goals for the feeding/ nutrition and school clinic program; and also the Gulayan sa Paaralan gardening to have locally grown foods for each school. Will send details later. I also wish to know about the summer programs for students and teachers and nurses. And I will contact the Dept of Agri rep at Phil Embassy in DC this week to try to get support for the Gulayan sa Paaralan program expansion. Important question for each of our schools is can parents have a weekly volunteer schedule to assist with the cooking and feeding -- the entire school year. Four nice lunch meals per week. We need a menu for each day of the week so we can budget appropriately, not more than 10 pesos per child to make big pots of soups and purchase big bags of rice and get good prices from farmers and fishermen and merchants for purchasing large quantities, in addition to school gardens. Magsukol.

There are still books at SSC. You can use some for summer reading programs at a couple of your District's schools that you earlier inquired about.

Should I send funds now for Pasil for seeds and watering buckets? Please send me a budget.

DIC:                I will talk first with Faisal Kadil Head Teacher of Pasil about the budget proposal

Okay. We can sustain momentum with seeds and water pails if needed, right away.

Ramadan Mubarack to you and your family and extended community.

Bro AL:        Thanks, Brother. Let's start with Pasil ES for now as an assessment location who already has great effort. After Eid Fitr I will send other funds through Hja Pinky Shareen and Sis Mercia for the overall 7 schools in the first group of the AAI-DA-DepEd partnership program. But please discuss with all of your schools from Indanan such as Kasambuhan, Pasil, ansd Mukammali, so I can plan the budget well with our DA and DepEd Health partners... and AAi can fill gaps in DA actual funds in-hand. The training is coming very soon by DA-DepEd-AAI.

Can parents attending help with cooking some snacks as their counterpart at the training? That will free up more AAI funds for more seeds and tools and water pails for irrigation if needed. What do you think about that?

I wish to make sure as many additional schools as possible can be trained and started in the second group by conserving funds and have affordable counterpart from community in first stage.

Teamwork or tabangtabang is our strength. Wassalam.

As one can see the highlighted message in the first statement of Bro AL, goals for the following programs shall be set properly for better implementation of every MOBE school in Indanan South District. 

Furthermore, AAI President asked every MOBE school if parents can have weekly volunteer service to assist with the cooking and feeding in the school.

Therefore, you have to specify your objectives in doing those school programs or projects and fail not describe what the project is all about. In your proposal, state the objectives, strategies,time frame, persons involved, materials/items/equipments/tools and financial needed and the last column shall be success indicator of the projects/programs.

Institutionalization of SPG in All Elementary Schools

In recognition of the need to organize a pupil governing body in the elementary level which shall embody the  ideals, principles and practice of participatory democracy and citizenship and serve as a venue for pupils to develop their leadership and social skills, the DepED (Department of Education) institutionalizes the Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) for implementation of all elementary schools in the Philippines.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Ma'am Sisang: Will You Not See My CI Corner, Sir?

"Will you not see my CI Corner, Sir?" asked the Principal of Kasambuhan Village Elementary School, Nur-aisha "Ma'am Sisang" A. Gonzales in the ISD Office this morning.

"Very nice question," answered the DIC. "I am planning to be there after Panglima Mammah Elementary School a day after tomorrow. Alright, I'll try to manage my time today as I return from Palan Elementary School. I will go to Palan ES asking favor from Dr. Hja. Sarah Y. Hayudini, the School Principal to take picture of Tambuang Waterfall which will be presented by the Schools Division Supeintendent in the Regional Office this coming July 13, 2015," he further replied.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

CI Project: Mini-ABS in Grade 4

Mini-ABS in Grade 4 is a school CI project's name of Panglima Indanan Central School headed by Andrada M. Asid, Teacher In-Charge. It means 'minimize absenteeism in grade 4. Panglima Indanan Central School came up that CI (Continuous Improvement) project based on the consultation among teachers what their priority concern that needs immediate solution by all teachers in so far as teamwork is concerned. The teachers of Panglima Indanan Central School were organized into the following CI composition:
  • Process Owner - Andrada M. Asid
  • Team Leader - Fauzy I. Jadjulie
  • Facilitator - Anariza J. Hussam
  • Scribe - Shermahal L. Jainal
  • Documentation - Annadzma J. Adong
  • Communication - Silma J. Baklayan
  • Process Observer - Hja. Sandra G. Hedisin

Maricris R. Valte: Huwag Maniwala sa Sabi-Sabi na Binulsa na ang Inyong PEI

Many personnel of the DepED-ARMM were aware on the release of PEI (Productivity Enhancement Incentive) for every personnel which is equivalent to one-month salary or with a minimum amount of P 5, 000.00 pesos only. There was an officials order informing the public that PEI should be released on June 30, 2015. Thus, employees of the DepED-ARMM finally said that their PEI was already in someone's pocket of those officials in the Regional Government. To clarify the issue, Maricris R. Valte posted the following translated information in Facebook Website:

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sustaining DepED Sulu Thrusts Toward a New Dimension in Muslim Mindanao

"SUSTAINING DEPED SULU THRUSTS TOWARD A NEW DIMENSION IN MUSLIM MINDANAO" is theme of 2015 Division Policy Conference that will be conducted in two batches at DepED Conference Hall, Scott Road, Jolo,Sulu. 

DIC Monitors CI Implementation in MES and PICS

The District In-Charge monitored CI implementation yesterday in Mukammali Elementary School and Panglima Indanan Central School. He left the ISD Office past twelve highnoon. He arrived at PICS during sista time and met two CI team members, Anariza J. Hussam and Fauzy I. Jadjulie. The TIC of PICS was not around. Accordingly, Andrada M. Asid, the Process Owner left for Jolo ahead of her teachers for official transaction. So, the school office was locked  but the was able to peep from the window that the CI Corner was designed in the corner of the office where the CI Team members were individually written in bold letters.

Last District Team Visitation conducted June 8, 2015, PICS was of those schools that already designated CI Corner which was attached in the corner of Grade 4 classes. The DIC advised the Process Owner to transfer it to the school office to avoid disturbance in the classroom.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Zizwenhar M. Jupli, BEAM Coordinator Visits ISD Office This Morning

Zizwenhar M. Jupli, BEAM (Basic Education Assistance for Mindanao) Coordinator in Sulu visited Indanan South District Office this morning. As she entered the office, she introduced herself that she's from BEAM and would like to talk with DIC of Indanan South District.

The DIC had her sit down and asked what she wanted to have from ISD.

"I just want to get the number of enrollment and number of teachers in Kasambuhan Village ES, Poblacion ES and Mukammali ES," Ziz opened her purpose.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Do a Hajj Before Going to a Bed at Night

Doing a Hajj before going to a bed was a chat message from Hja. Sherilyn I. Taji, active School Nurse of Panglima Indanan Central School but she is temporarily detailed in the Division Health and Nutrition Section under Division Nurse, Hja. Shareen "Pinky" M. Lakibul. It appeared in the inbox of the District In-Charge, Samoore S. Ladjahali. The Islamic message sounded so impressive and enchanted for the heart and mind of those who are in search for the delightfulness in the next life of 'Yawmul Akhirah' or the life after this world. The DIC was so grateful and proud of having that Facebook message in his inbox sent by Hja. Sherilyn I. Taji in the following narration:

The Holy Prophet (SAWS) one day said to Hazrat Ali (R.A.) : Ya Ali! Do these 5 things before going to bed at night:
  1. Give four thousand (4, 000.00) in sadaqqa
  2. Read one complete Quran and then sleep
  3. Pay the price for Jannah and then sleep
  4. Make two people happy with each other when they are upset and then sleep
  5. Do one hajj and then sleep

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

DIC Monitors Three CI Implementing Schools

Yesterday, June 30, 2015, the District In-Charge monitored three Continuous Improvement implementing schools in Indanan South District. He was  escorted by Naser L. Assil, District Property Custodian and District ICT Coordinator to Timbangan Elementary School, Bunot Elementary School and Annexes and Poblacion Elementary School and Annex. They  arrived at Timbangan Elementary School at around eleven o'clock in the morning. Masdida M. Sarabi, TIC of the school welcomed them warmly and accompanied them to the Text2Teach room where CI Corner occupied some spaces of the room. The CI Corner was gracefully designated and well-structured with CI team members' name painted in bold letter  attached to the greenboard.  There was a cabinet under the greenboard that serves as table for the display of CI documents such as minutes of the team meeting, record books and other CI materials and outputs done in connection with the initial CI action plan implementation. The school CI project name is 'MNR  in Grade 2-B written on the greenboard. Process Owner, Masdida M. Sarabi informed the monitoring team that Nur-aisha Saluan, the CI Documenter spent much time in designing the attractive CI Corner.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Four MOBE Schools Enjoy Bag Supplies from AAI

There were four MOBE schools enjoyed bag supplies from Asia America Initiative distributed last May, 2015. Albert Santoli, President of AAI requested the DIC, Samoore S. Ladjahali to localize MOBE which means Model of Bayanihan Education as the title of AAI recipient schools in Luzon and Visayas. He instructed the District In-Charge to give similar meaning of the acronym using Bahasa Sug mother tongue of the people of Sulu. So, the DIC indigenized it into Model of Bawgbug Education which was also approve AA President after elucidating what ‘bawgbug’ implies in relation to bayanihan. MOBE schools of AAI comprises the following elementary schools:
  1. Kasambuhan Village Elementary School headed by Nur-aisha A. Gonzales, Principal - I and located at Km. 4, Tagbak, Indanan, Sulu
  2. Timbangan Elementary School headed by TIC, Masdida M. Sarabi, Teacher - II and situated at Km. 6, Timbangan, Indanan, Sulu
  3. Poblacion Elementary School headed by TIC, Alyasir A. Hussam, Teacher - I and sited at Km. 12, Poblacion, Indanan, Sulu
  4. Pasil Elementary School headed by Faisal A. Kadil, Head Teacher - III and stood at Km. 15, Pasil, Indanan, Sulu

DA Head Presides the Coordination Meeting of 7 Piloted Schools for Gulayan sa Paaralan

Head of the Department of Agriculture in Sulu, Ms. Mercia Salarda Alli presided the Coordination Meeting of seven piloted schools for Gulayan sa Paaralan at DA Multi-Purpose, Capitol Site, Bangkal, Patikul, Sulu this morning, June 30, 2015 at around 9: 00 AM. Gulayan sa Paaralan has just been implemented in the following seven schools in partnership with DepED, Asia Amaerica Initiative (AAI) and Department of Agriculture:
  1. Sulu State College High School
  2. Mindanao State University High School
  3. Sahaya Integrated School
  4. Jose Godinez Elementary School
  5. Kasambuhan Village Elementary School
  6. Mukammali Elementary School
  7. Pasil Elementary School

Monday, June 29, 2015

Kasambuhan Village ES Receives 60 Pieces of Bag from AAI

Kasambuhan Village Elementary School headed by Nur-aisha A. Gonzales, Principal - I received sixty pieces of bag from Asia America Initiative headed by President Albert Santoli last May, 2015. KVES is the oldest recipient school of AAI in Indanan South District as witnessed by the District In-Charge, Samoore S. Ladjahali. Nur-aisha A. Gonzales, the school principal made the distribution of bag in a first-come-first-server basis to avoid jealousy among the incoming enrollees of Kasambuhan Village Elementary School. Since May, 2015 was the season for the conduct of Brigada Eskwela, she gave priority to the learners whose parents were in much participation and involvement in the implementation of the six-day Brigada Eskwela 2015. Those school children were greatly coming from Kindergarten and Grade 1 pupils who were officially enrolled in KVES.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

School is Permanent; Administrator is Temporary

School is permanent. It may accommodate thousands and even million of school heads, administrators or managers. It continues to exist in its school site so long as this world exists, too. End of the world is unpredictable. Similarly, end of the school is mysterious to every school administrators. In elementary for instance, learners or students just stay for seven years. Afterwards, students, whether they like or not have to leave the school and proceed to the next level of school which is the secondary school and so on until they reach tertiary school. Four to five years will be the end of learners' stay in the school. There is no better place for the accommodation of the seekers of knowledge than the school. It may serve like a refinery for the teachers to sharpen student's consciousness. Thus, the government spends much money, efforts and time for the establishment of school in every barangay, municipality, province, region and the nation as a whole so that every child is catered in response to the principle of EFA (Education For All). Every year, the government expects children to enter the schools in any levels of education.

Mukammali ES is the 6th Piloted School for AAI-DA Gulayan sa Paaralan Program

Mukammali Elementary School  headed by Melda I. Adug, Head Teacher - III was the sixth piloted school for Asia America Initiative-Depratment of Agriculture Gulayan sa Paaralan Program. The District In-Charge suggested Mukammali Elementary School while Mercia S. Alli, Head of the Department of Agriculture asked him for one more school in addition to Kasambuahan Village Elementary School.

"Kasambuhan Village ES was already in the list for one-day training on Gulayan sa Paaralan. One more school in your district," DA head asked.

"Mukammali ES. Make it three to include Pasil Elementary School," the DIC recommended.

"Let's have first six in that kind of approach. Pasil ES will be included in the regular program of DA Gulayan sa Paaralan," DA head justified.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Grant of Fiscal Year 2015 PEI

Grant of Fiscal Year 2015 Productivity Enhancement Incentive was concisely described by the DepED Memorandum No. 65 s. 2015 dated June 23, 2015 signed by the DepED Secretary, Brother Armin A. Luistro, FSC. Implementation was based on Executive Order No. 181 entitled Implementation of the Provisions of the FY 2915 General Appropriation Act (GAA) on the Grant of the FY 2015 Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI) to Government Employees.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Eleven School Administrators Finalize Ranking List of Teachers

Eleven school administrators stayed in the Indanan South District Office today, June 26, 2015 for the finalization of their respective Ranking List of Teachers - II, Teachers - III and Master Teacher - I. This was in compliance with the mobile messages sent by Dr. Joel A. Alamia, Sulu Division Coordinator for Araling Panlipunan per instruct of Dr. Tim J. Undain, Schools Division Superintendent. Dr. Alamia advised the District In-Charge of ISD that the said Ranking List of Teachers should be submitted on or before June 26, 2015 in response to the urgent requirement for the grant of Performance-Based Bonus (PBB).

Thursday, June 25, 2015

FDS of Six Newly-deployed Teachers was Already Submitted to SDS Office Last June 17, 2015

First Day of Service of six newly-deployed teachers was already submitted to the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent, Division of Sulu, DepED-ARMM last June 17, 2015 by their respective school heads noted by the District In-Charge. The DIC received the Deployment Orders from the Office of the Plantilla Section headed by Derwina Abdula last June 16, 2015. Then he gave the Deployment Order to individual newly-hired teacher and advised them to report to their respective school where they were assigned as stated in the order signed by the DepED-ARMM Secretary and the applicant. School heads of the schools would be the one to report the FDS of the new teachers copy furnished the Regional DepED-ARMM Secretary. Listed below are the names of the newly-deployed teachers:
  1. Nurhima A. Ibno
  2. Shernalyn A. Alibbun
  3. Sharifa Mharrojheane A. Alih
  4. Katrina A. Julkiram
  5. Hadzfar S. Calbi
  6. Alnashvier I. Abduljalil

Nurhima A. Ibno and Shernalyn A. Alibbun were assigned at Mukammali Elementary School headed by Melda I. Adug, Head Teacher - III. Sharifa Mharrojheane A. Alih and Katrina A. Julkiram were assigned at Poblacion Elementary School headed by Alyasir A. Hussam, TIC. Hadzfar S. Calbi was assigned at Timbangan Elementary School headed by Masdida M. Sarabi, TIC. Alnashvier I. Abduljalil was assigned at Bunot Elementary School headed by Jurmainna H. Hunding, Head Teacher - III. 

The DIC met the newly-deployed teachers at the ISD Office this morning waiting for their hired vehicles to transport them to their respective schools. He greeted them with Assalamu alaikum and asked how were they. The newly-assigned teachers answered in chorus that they were definitely fine.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Head Teacher - III of Pasil ES & Annexes Consolidates Geo-tagging Report of ISD

Faisal "Fai" A. Kadil, Head Teacher - III of Pasil Elementary School and Annexes consolidated the geo-tagging report of all schools in Indanan South District. He was the first school head to learn the skill on geo-tagging. Hence, the District In-Charge entrusted him to conduct school-to-school photography in order to have accurate details for the urgent report on school geo-tagging. The DIC also asked favor from Alyasir A. Hussam, TIC of Poblacion Elementary School and Annex to hasten the accessibility of Faisal A. Kadil in the entire schools of Indanan South District. Faisal A. Kadil sat at the back of Alyasir A. Hussam, the expert motorcycle driver. The DIC was so proud of them for accomplishing the school-to-school geo-tagging activity in just a day.

When night came, Fai sat before his HP laptop with his Samsung mobile on his left side opened in gallery mode where the geo-tagging photos were stored. That was June 4 and geo-tagging report should be submitted on June 6, 2015 as advised by the Sulu Division Planning Office per instruction of the Regional Planning Office through mobile call dialed by Sir Jonathan Omar. Fortunately, Fai was so expeditious reporter whom I viewed his post in Facebook. He hurriedly posted every geo-tagged photo of the different schools in Facebook website that night. He also tagged me to all images that he posted in his timeline.

To my surprise, I witnessed with my both sights the uploaded file in DOC (District Online Communications), Facebook group of ISD teachers, learners, supporters, mentors, parents, regional and division school officials and other educational stakeholders from DepEd and Non-Governmental Office who are in one way or the other in promoting quality education in the Municipality of Indanan. The file was abouth the consolidated report on schools' geo-tagging encoded in Microsoft excel. He had the consolidation form for the entire Sulu Division where he finally entered the latitude and longitude information of all schools recorded in his photo gallery. It was he who made ISD first to submit geo-tagging report to the Office of the Planning Section headed by Hja. Insih Asaari.

Geo-tagging consolidation report prepared by Fai caused this blog to appear online for record purposes of ISD. The DIC was so grateful and proud of his administrative responsibility as school head. His work was captured into a photo-like image done through snipping tool for clarity and brightness to display in the bloggers site of ISD.

Viewers of this blog might wonder why Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Primary School and Sapie Primary School did not show their latitude and longitude calculation because of their distance from the main road during the conduct of school-to-school geo-tagging journey of Fai and Ya'. Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Primary School is located in Barangay Karawan based on its original site. It has been relocated; however; to Barangay Panabuan since many years ago for the reason of unstable peace and order circumstances in its original location. Temporarily, this primary school lies in the campus of its main school, the Panglima Ahajan Elementary School headed by Mussah A. Arabain, Head Teacher - III. Mussah A. Arabain is still in planning for the relocation of Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi again into nearby area of Barangay Karawan so that this primary school would be captured with geo-tagged photos.

In case of Sapie Primary School, annex of Langpas Elementary School headed by Hja. Nalda J. Muksan, ESHT - III, Fai and Ya' were not able to reach there in so far as its location in the far-flung area was concerned. Proper coordination with the Barangay Headman should be made first before an activity like geo-tagging could be started. In-Charge of the geo-tagging work just briefed Hja. Nalda A. Muksan on the skill of geo-tagging then it's up for her to schedule for the capturing of geo-tagged photos in her annex. Sapie Primary School is located in the center of Barangay Paligue which is very exposed place to the situation of family feud, grudge and other forms of conflict.

The DIC has already phoned the Regional Planning personnel about the conditions of the two primary schools. He requested to wait for some possible time for the geo-tagging reports of the two primary schools. Jonathan Omar, personnel of the Regional Planning approved the DIC's request provided it could be made within the month of June.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What is Inquiry-Based Learning Approach?

It is a student-centered and teacher-guided instructional approach that engages students in investigating real world questions that they choose within a broad thematic framework. It focuses on questions through problem-solving activities and the use of critical thinking. It is also based on asking questions that students honestly care about and guiding them to find the answers as well as coming up with new questions along the way.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Ramadhan: Mercy, Forgiveness and Deliverance from Hellfire

Ramadhan is the holiest month in Islamic Calendar. In this blessed month, fasting is divinely prescribed for every Muslim men and women. Virtues and benefits are certainly showered to those who are sincere in the observance of fasting in Ramadhan. There are thirty days in Ramadhan of which is categorized into three, namely: 1. First ten days; 2. Second ten days; and 3. Third ten days. Every category has different rewards bestowed by Almighty Allah for those doers of good deeds in the most glorious days of Ramadhan. Thus, increase of doing righteous deeds is enjoined by the Holy Prophet, Mohammad (S.A.W.) during the great month of Ramadhan. Every muslim is advised to do more supplications to Allah. Zikir, reading of Holy Quran, supererogatory prayers and many other forms of good actions should be done excessively. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cooperative Learning Requires Working Together in a Classroom Learning Situation

Cooperative learning is defined as any classroom learning situation in which students of all levels of performance work together in structured groups toward a shared or common goal. Students pursue learning in groups of varying communicative activities, negotiating, initiating, planning and evaluating. They are given responsibilities where all participate in a significant and meaningful way. It requires for students to work together to achieve goals that they could not achieve individually. The following may give students benefit from working in Cooperative Learning:

Reflective Teaching Explores Our Own Classroom Practice

Reflective teaching means looking what you do inside a classroom. It is a process of self-observation and self-evaluation. Professional growth development, which starts in the classroom looks at the following areas:

·         Things we do in the classroom
·         The reason for doing these things
·         Why and how these things work

It collects information about what goes on in our classroom. It analyzes and evaluates information. It identifies and explores our own practices and underlying beliefs that lead to changes and improvements in our teaching.

Timbang Iwasto sa Tamang Nutrisyon at Ehersisyo

The theme for this year's Nutrition Month Celebration is "TIMBANG IWASTO SA TAMANG NUTRISYON AT EHERSIYO". The National Nutrition Council (NCC) will lead the 2015 National Nutrition Month Celebration this July, 2015 focusing on addressing the issue of being overweight and obese among Filipinos. This has reference to DepED Memorandum No. 62 s. 2015 dated June 17, 2015.

The celebration aims to:
  1. Increase awareness on the role and importance of proper nutrition and physical activity in the of being overweight and obese among general public
  2. Encourage Filipinos to make positive decisions towards consumption of healthy diets and be physically active to prevent non-communicable diseases as a result of being overweight and obese
  3. Encourage communities, national and local governments, non-government organization, private sector, media, the academe and other stakeholders to put in place an enabling environment, which promotes proper nutrition and physical acativity among Filipinos to prevent being overweight and obese. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

MYDev Needs Four OSY Surveyors

Mindanao Yourth for Development (MYDev) needs at least four four surveyors to locate out-of-school-youth residents in some barangays of Indanan Municipality, which are not yet included in the nine barangays focused by MYDev Program under Phase - I Implementation. The source of this information was from MYDev Coordinator, Khanhar Abdulmoin assigned in Indanan, Sulu. Khanhar Abdulmoin used mobile call to the District In-Charge last June 17, 2015.

"At least Sir, they are education graduates. Submit four names with contact CP number," MYDev Coordinator prescribed to the DIC.

Teachers were most priority in the contract financed by MYDev. Selected teachers or education graduates would be provided with training in Garden Orchid, Camins Road, Zamboanga City soon. Applicants should have mobile number for MYDev to contact them anytime when the training comes approaching. MYDev would shoulder their traveling expenses from their respective residence to the training venue and vice versa plus their lodging or accommodation in the hotel.

Alyasir A. Hussam Updates Teachers on New Grading System and Class Record in K to 12

Alyasir A. Hussam, TIC of Poblacion Elementary School and Annex updated Indanan South District teachers on the New Grading System and New Class Record in the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum during the conduct of 1-Day District Post Conference at Timbangan Elementary School GEM Multi-Purpose, Timbangan, Indanan, Sulu last June 16, 2015. He based his lecture from DepED Order No. 8 s. 2015 dated April 1, 2015 entitled 'Policy Guidelines on Classroom Assessment for the K to 12 Basic Education Program. DepED Order No. 8 s. 2015 amended the implementation of KPUP (Knowledge, Process, Understanding, Product) as the basis for the computation or rating of pupil's performance specifically grades that shall appear in the report card. 

Faisal A. Kadil Lectures on SLAC

Faisal A. Kadil, Head Teacher - III of Pasil Elementary School and Annexes lectured on newly-modified School-based Learning Action Cell in the last part of the 1-Day District Post Conference held at Timbangan Elementary School GEM Multi-Purpose, Timbangan, Indanan, Sulu last June 16, 2015. Bases of his presentation was DepED Order No. 12 s. 2015 dated April 10, 2015 entitled 'Guidelines on the Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program: Professional Development Component' and the handouts given during LAC Implementation Planning Workshop attended by District In-Charge in Astoria Plaza, Escrva Drive, Pasig City from May 19-21, 2015.

School Heads Demonstrate Innovative Feedbacking

Most of the school heads of Indanan South District demonstrated innovative way of feedbacking during the conduct of 1-Day District Post Conference held at Timbangan Elementary School GEM Multi-Purpose, Timbangan, Indanan, Sulu last June 16, 2015. It was critically instituted in response to the findings discovered during the 1-Day District Team Visitation in the entire eleven elementary schools of ISD, Indanan, Sulu spearheaded by the District Commissioner, Dr. Alvarez A. Salaton, Principal - II with the assistance of the District In-Charge, Samoore S. Ladjahali, Principal - I last June 8, 2015.