Monday, April 27, 2015

Am I 1-Day SDS?

Commissioner to the district from DepED-Sulu Division is Mr. Alvarez A. Salaton, Principal - II detailed at the Division Office. He had been also the District Commissioner in 2013. So, it is his second time around in the district. Unfortunately, his commissionership is not just for Indanan South District but he is also for Patikul East, Indanan North, and Indanan National High Schools with two annexes.

In this regard, the Schools Division Superintendent signed Division Memorandum authorizing all district supervisors/districts in-charge and secondary school principals to confirm the year's graduates in place of their respective commissioner due to conflict of time. Mr. Salaton convened with the DIC and the school administrators for the finalization of graduation. It resulted to the official schedule of 2015 graduation exercises stipulated in the school calendar 2014 that graduation exercises should not be earlier than March 26-27, 2015.

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