Monday, April 27, 2015

In Hands Lies the Chance

It's about the cover photo of this newly-revised site. No hands are down, right? It's not because they are winners. They're already champions. Regional Office and the Profiles Asia attribute them to CI champions of DepED-ARMM. It is a Continuous Improvement of the hands. It was a great chance for them to be there. Perhaps, every one who looks at it intends to be with them. That chance; however; was not for every dreamer unless he/she is NQESH passer of the last 2012. If not, it is for the DSLP graduates of the SEAMEO-Innotech.

Benchmarking was an amazing achievement of the DepED-ARMM wherein every division, both mainland and island was represented only by two participants. Our pride and salutation to this District should be deeply offered from the bottom of our inners. Not just to the DIC and Hja. Nalda J. Muksan, ESHT - 3 of Langpas ES but to the prayers and dreams of our educational stakeholders.

The journey rooted from the Regional Planning Actvity for CI Benchmarking that was routed to NCR, CALAVARZON and Region IV last March 2-8, 2015. The planning workshop lasted for two days at Alnor Hotel, Cotabato City last February, 2015. More than 30 pair of hands got busy just make sure the certainty of CI exploration.

The top cover photo disclosed the mystery of CI to every Benchmarking participant of the DepED-ARMM. You could just imagine. . . they were able to orbit the galaxy in a little building of Mind Museum at the Global City. Out of their expectations, enormous cosmos appeared on their sights that made them what you visualize in the photo above. Did they forget themselves? Were they feeling kids-like educators of the other school children?

Man's hands are the most concerned parts of the human physical body. It gives widest solace for the entirety of one's being especially in time of illness, hunger and thirst. So, let's be with our working hands along the path of CI.

Recently posted by Sir Asec Noor in FB: Just done with debrief on School Benchmarking with PAHRODF consultant Ma. Theresa Sarona, Profiles head Jocelyn Pick, consultants Gloria Soriano, John Frederick A. Lauron and Giselle Bombay, and my technical staff John Michael Arenga.

NOW starts the responsibility for DepEd ARMM to continue and expand CI implementation across ARMM schools to be led by our trained pool of CI champions.

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