Thursday, April 30, 2015

International Recognition for the DIC

Engr. Rohelyn S. Ahaja
It was 27th day of March, 2015 when Pasil Elementary School conducted Graduation Exercises 2015 joined with Panglima Ahajan Elementary School in the Gym, Multi-Purpose, Pasil, Indanan, Sulu. It was the foremost happening in my part as Assistant Staff of Albert Santoli, President of Asia America Initiative (AAI) assigning me to present Certificate of Achievement to deserving DepED-Sulu educators who are committed and sincere in the delivery of AAI education services and supplies to all MOBE (Model Of Bawgbug Education) schools in Sulu.

District In-Charge, Sir Samoore "Moore" S. Ladjahali was the first awardee to receive this international recognition. He was not definitely aware that I would be in the clustered graduation ceremony where he was officially authorized by the SDS, Ma'am Tim J. Undain to confirm the graduates in lieu of District Commissioner, Sir Alvarez A. Salaton, Principal - II.

It was also timely for me as AAI Assistant Staff in Sulu Chapter to witness the probability of Sir Moore.  I personally heard him proclaiming the graduates in the absence of the Schools Division Superintendent before the master of ceremony read to the crowd the citation in AAI Certificate of Achievement that should go. . .to Sir Moore. I also saw and listened to the message of Sir Asec Noor Saada, invited by Sir Samoore as guest speaker of the occasion. 

Issuance of AAI recognition to Sir Samoore bridged us to know with each other. Yes, on my part he is familiar to me but on his side. . . indeed, he did not know me well that I am his cousin-in-law. I can say this because he is second cousin of my mother-in-law. . . he, he, he!

But anyway, congratulations again, DIC Samoore S. Ladjahali for being active and competent District In-Charge of Indanan South District.


Engr. Rohelyn S. Ahaja
AAI Asst. Staff
Sulu Chapter

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