Wednesday, May 13, 2015

DLF Discusses Key Points in Preparation for the Opening of School Year 2015-2016

DISTRICT OFFICE, TODAY, MAY 13, 2015 – Gathering of school administrators coming from 11 elementary schools and 7 primary schools in Indanan South District echoed over the Conference Table, Km. 2, Kajatian, Indanan, Sulu this morning. The assembly served as District Learning Forum of the District In-Charge and school managers for the month of May, 2015.

The forum started with funny experiences of the school administrators for the past few weeks of April until May this year.
Sharing proper began at around 9:00 AM. The DIC falitated the sharing activities concentrated on the key points bulleted below:

·         Preparation for the Defense of the Tentative Assignment List of Teachers/Personnel
·         Organization of the Committee for the Conduct of Brigada Eskwela 2015
·         School Calendar for School Year 2015-2016
·         New Grading System and Class Record in K to 12
·         Parent Orientation
·         Phil-IRI from Grade 2 to Grade 6
·         CI Implementation Plan
·         SIP Implementation
·         District Commissioner’s Round-Visitation (June 1, 2015)

Also taken up in DLF, school heads who attended training, workshop, FGD, forums, conferences, symposiums, orientation or any gathering connected to school leadership this year are required to submit paragraphs answering the following questions: 
  1. What?
  2. Who?
  3. Where?
  4. When?
  5. Why?
  6.  Feeling as instructional leader?
  7.  Insights learned?
The required paragraphs aim to update the DIC about the new inputs gained by the school heads in such seminars. It should be submitted thru flash drive.

It was also timely to have a dialogue with Sgt. Angelo Lorilla Parreno of the Philippine Marines before the DLF came to order. Sgt. Parreno offered his eagerness to participate in the conduct of the upcoming Brigada Eskwela preferably in the schools near the MBLT detachment such as in:1. Barangay Katian; and 2. Barangay Licup. We agreed  that detachment 1 would spread their forces in Mukammali Es, Panglima Ahajan ES and Poblacion ES while detachment 2 would devide their men to join with Panglima Indanan CS and Bunot PS. The DIC gave Sgt. Parreno mobile numbers of school leaders and advised him to coordinate the aforementioned schools so that committee would be organized before the actualization of the various activities related to Brigada Eskwela. Sgt. Parreno also asked the total number of enrollment in the different schools for their proposed supplies for the needs of the school children.

The DIC has already shut down the conduct of District General Meeting for the entire teachers in the district since last 2014. This kind of general meeting was traditionally observed by those previously-retired district supervisors who were fond of holding 1-day General Meeting purposely to remind teachers about their assignment and the FDS. Alhamdulillah, school heads were also in favor of the cancellation of said gathering; rather; every school should conduct May SLAC with hundred percent of teacher’s attendance planning for the innovative implementation of those key points mentioned under paragraph 1. In addition, narrative report on activities done before June 1, 2016 shall be submitted thru flash drive attached with photos to the district office. In my perception, a member of the smaller group is more participative than in the bigger group.

DLF ended in 12:00 PM with smiling faces and some sort of jokes overcoming school heads’ hunger. Was it because there were cold snacks served?

Thank you school heads for your usual cooperation.

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