Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Memo from AAI President

Early this morning at around 4:25 am, Bro. Albert Santoli, President of the Asia America Initiative encoded in FB private message dialogue box to me saying: "Good early a.m., Brother. Thank you for staying responsible in your School district for the new shipments of books and supplies for MOBE schools, SSC, Sahaya and some others not officially MOBE who may be in serious need.
Can we please find a few more volunteers to assist the young ladies to sort and prepare the distribution. Anything valuable for SSC and Lab HS is intended for your college and high school. My new instructions for this shipment attached. Wassalam."

Similarly, the hereunder memo was also attached below the message of the AAI President.

In this connection, I, the DIC of Indanan South District would like to call the attention of AAI-DepED-Sulu Education Committee for the main idea of the memo how it would be taken into a formal conference with all the members of the committee.

With regards to the concerned AAI MOBE schools in this District, I can assure AAI for the submission of listing of the supplies received as well as their letter of request for whatever immediate needs that hasten the attainment of their priority educational targets towards improving the learning outcomes of the school children.

May I have the apology of the AAI President for the late opening of the dialogue box and the late dissemination of the memorandum especially to the following MOBE schools in this District:

  1. Kasambuhan Village ES
  2. Timbangan ES
  3. Bunot ES
  4. Poblacion ES
  5. Pasil ES
In closing, this District is in great gratitude and appreciation to Bro Al Santoli and his staff for the so-many supports delivered to the aforementioned schools and non-MOBE school like Panglima Ahajan ES benefitted from the School-Based Feeding Program of the AAI.

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