Friday, May 15, 2015

New Format for Writing Annual Narrattive Report

For the past three years ago, DepED-Sulu Division Office scattered to all districts the copies of the new format for writing annual narrative report so that there is uniformity of format when the districts prepare and submit their respective annual narrative report to the division office.


I.       Rationale

·       Introduction
(Usually, the DepED Order for the School Calendar is used as reference)
·       Goals and Objectives
·         Mission and Vision
(These are taken from the Action Plan (SIP) submitted)

II.      Significant Accomplishment

·         Include activities undertaken on the improvement of the following areas:

*                  Curriculum
*                  Staff Management and Development
*                  Learning Environment
*                  Resource Management
*                  Community Building

III.     Problems/Issues/Concerns

·        Problems, issues, and concerns encountered during the school year which hindered the implementation of DepED programs and thrusts

IV.      Action Taken

      ·    Action taken on problems, issues and concerns that could be addressed at the                      school/district level

V.         Recommendations
·      Recommendation to higher offices for the solution of problems, and concerns the               could be addressed at the school/district level
·      Submit a School Development Plan to the Physical Facilities Supervisor in case there         is a need to request for addition school buildings

VI.        Appendices
·       Graphs, charts and other data which are relevant
·       Pictorials for documentation

The above-illustrated formart can also be used as the basis for writing accomplishment report. To download this format. . . Click.

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