Monday, May 25, 2015

Pasil ES Perks Up in Brigada Eskwela 2015

Pasil Elementary School is the furthest elementary school of Indanan South District towards Municipality of Parang, Sulu. It covers the distance of fifteen kilometers away from the proper town of Jolo. Hence, the conduct of Brigada Eskwela is so difficult for the teachers who are all residing in the town of Jolo.

However, this year’s Brigada Eskwela with a theme: “TAYO PA RIN SA KALINISAN, KALIGTASAN AT KAHANDAAN NG ATING MGA PAARALAN” improved more based on the template below prepared by the DIC and required Faisal A. Kadil, Head Teacher – III of Pasil ES to accomplish it for record purposes.

This template was designed through the initiative of the DIC just to assist school heads summarize their ways of conducting Brigada Eskwela in their respective schools. Then the DIC transformed it into paragraphs for narrative report in preparation for the district consolidation that would be submitted to the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent.

Change begins with a small thing. It grows bigger if it is done incessantly. As I gleaned the template, I appreciate Pasil ES for eventually maximizing its stakeholders' participation in this year's conduct of Brigada Eskwela 2015. I salute the presence of MPDC, Sawradjan P. Allama with some municipal employees in that educational event. I was the Principal of Pasil ES for the past five years but I did not experience that kind of participation even once except the PTCA officers and members. In addition, some members of the Philippine Marines actively joined the activities.

Yes, I agree with your common problems encountered in the implementation of that activity. I know financial matters are the hindering factors for those administrators that have the heart to do righteously for the welfare of our school children. At least, you have done the step of getting them to personally partake in our endeavor. We just take care of it till one day they will sense our truthfulness and dedication in promoting school improvement. You are now lucky having them in persons. Time will come; they utilize not even their time; rather; they unselfishly share some amount with you in the expense of your school.

I did not expect the Philippine Marines to share their time in your brigada. In our dialogue, they could just spread their forces to those schools near their detachment. You, Pasil ES; however; won their energy in your brigada reform. It is really a sign of your initiative as school manager.

For the information of the public, Pasil ES has the widest playground among the elementary schools in Indanan South District. It comprises more than two hectares of land donated school site and surveyed long time ago in the name of the Municipal Government of Parang. Located in the school campus are Indanan National High School - Pasil Annex and Office of the Municipal Mayor of Indanan. Growing grasses and shrubs became normal despite its fabulous area because the DepEd-ARMM Secretary, Hon. Atty. Jamar M. Kulayan who just resigned recently from his post donated one Kawasaki Brush Cutter last Ramadhan 2014. Afterwards, the Municipal Mayor, Hon. Saripuddin "Eddih" D. Jikiri provided the school with one lawn mower. 

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