Tuesday, May 5, 2015

STAR: Principal's Tool for Classroom Observation

Situation-Task-Action-Result format is a tool used to collect information from the actual teaching- learning activity inside the classroom. It is accomplished by the school heads, district and division supervisors when they do classroom observation.

Encodable STAR forms are downloadable in. . . Click here.

What is classroom observation?

A process whereby an administrator sits in on one class session, records the teacher’s teaching practices and student actions, and meets with the teacher to discuss observation.

  • Linked to quality improvement to positive outcomes for teachers and students
  • It is confidential between the teacher and the principal.
  • An objective recording of
  1. What the instructor is doing and saying.
  2. What the students are doing and saying.
  3. The interaction between the teacher and the students. 
  • Through classroom observation, administrators can see three (3) aspects of the teaching-learning system.
  1. Input resources (e.g. professional development)
  2. Teachers’ interaction competence
  3. Learning outcomes

What is the purpose of classroom observation?

Allows teachers to:

  • Receive feedback from an objective, experienced observer.
  • Engage in context specific discussions about teaching delivery with the observer.

Importance of Using Formal Tools in Classroom Observation

  • Plays a vital role in educational system.
  • A venue to guide teachers to become effective.
  • The rating given to the teacher is objective because it is based on a criteria or checklist in the observation tool.

STAR OBSERVATION is a tool used to measure teachers’ competence in teaching. It is a descriptive tool that gives an idea on:

  1. Progress of pupils
  2. Instructional strategies and techniques utilized by  the teacher
  3. Teachers action towards curricular objective.
  4. Suitable learning area. 

This is based on the TOT presentation for all school heads.


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  2. Welcome, Sir and your comments are very much appreciated.