Saturday, May 2, 2015

Stimulating Light of Inspiration

I really appreciate his humility and unpretentious character of the best Asec for Programs and Projects of the DepED-ARMM. I just sent graduation invitation via FB private message expecting him in the 4-cluster Graduation Exercises 2015 of eleven elementary schools in Indanan South District scheduled from March 26-27, 2015. I was surprised when my Samsung Galaxy Duos rang. It was Sir Alsid Pakam, Executive Assistant of the Asec phoning me on their departure from Zamboanga City on the 25th day of March, 2015.

Whoopee! Blessed arrival and warm welcome. . . to the momentous morning of both Palan ES and Timbangan ES Joint Closing Exercises 2015 then another earnest welcome in the afternoon prepared by Joint Graduation Exercises 2015 of Kasambuhan Village ES and Panglima Mammah ES.

In the eve of guest speaker's departure, I texted Sir Alsid requesting the basic profile of Sir Noor. It was on their arrival in the Guest House, Notre Dame of Jolo College Campus where Sir Alsid sent it thru bluetooth.

Before Sir Noor delivered his inspiring message, Hja. Nalda J. Muksan, Head Teacher - III of Langpas ES used the microphone for the introduction of the guest speaker that sounded in the following: 

"Graduate BS Nursing from WMSU, year 1993 and is a Registered Nurse by profession having passed in the Licensure Exam in the same year.

He completed Graduate Certificate in Governmental Management in 1996 and graduated at the top of his class with Master of Public Administration with specialization in HRMD in 1997 from Mindanao State University.

He did a Shrai'ah Training Course conducted by the Shari'ah Academy of the International Islamic University Pakistan in 2000. 

He completed Post Graduate Diploma in Peace and Development and is completing his Ph.D. in Peace and Development Education from Notre Dame University.

He started his career as NGO worker and in government as school nurse rising to becme Division Nurse In-Charge and Health Coordinator.

He was the youngest participant from ARMM to an In-Australia Study Tour and led the Region's Management Information System and bagging the Excellence Award outsmarting even Region 11 and 12. 

He was the youngest Muslim Consultant in the Australian-funded BEAM Project in Region 11, 12 and ARMM. His team assisted DepED Central in the Development and the Delivery of the ALIVE Program and Pilot Madaris which are now implemented nationwide. Their products from 23-day LEAP Program to the 2-year ATEP, from 3-month ALEP to the 1-week Language, Cultural and Program Immersion, from the Arabi Phonetics Abd Phonemics in the curriculum to the regional operations manual, all are now national prototypes still needed by DepED to this day. The progressive offering model of the ALIVE Program he introduced has now produced back-to-back graduates grade 6 in English and and level 6 in Arabic for the last five years. 

He helped design what is now BEAM-ARMM. He also helped design what is now BRAC ADM Learning Centers benefiting 30,000 learners in the ARMM.

Before joining the reform team of RG Mujiv Hataman, he was Mindanao Conflict-Affected Areas Specialist in the Manila Office of the Australian Agency for International Development. AT Aus-AID, their 3-person team was managing a portfolio of about 30 projects at various stage of design and delivery worth about 500 million pesos.

He was also the 2nd youngest and the only Filipino, Asian and Muslim in the team of 12 training facilitators from around the world for the Aus-AID Peace, Conflict and Development Learning Package.

He is a native of Sulu, having been born at Tulay, Jolo and completed his elementary at Notre Dame of Jolo Grade School. From his father side, he traces his roots to the Kasalipan of Ipil, Maimbung.

In 2012, he joined the invitation of RG Mujiv Hataman to join the ARMM reform government and left a good paying job in Manila. From 2012 to 2013, he was Assistant Secretary for Operations. Since 2014, he is now In-Charge of Programs and Projects." 

Reading of the aforementioned guest speaker's profile was also done in the second day graduation cluster of Panglima Ahajan ES and Pasil ES. Afterwards, the biggest cluster came next in Barangay Poblacion where Langpas ES, Mukammali ES, Panglima Indanan CS and Poblacion ES looked hungry but they're excited to engage in the ceremony with Sir Noor. 

Sir Noor's graduation messge was finally delivered in the afternoon of March 26, 2015 at Bunot ES. He had the same message starting from first day until the end of the day's graduation. His message was deeply grasped by all listeners because it was in mother tongue of his  fellow Tausug people of Sulu.        

(Muna-muna hitukbal sin kami in sasalamatahan sin Islam pa manga kanakuraan iban kamaasan sin kawman amun nakahadir ha adlaw ini; pa mga division, district and school heads, kamastalan, iban school nurses; labi awla maun pa manga kamaasan iban na pa manga nag-graduate, assalamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi taal wa barakatuh!

In adlaw ini adlaw pagtammat sin sila amuin nag-graduate grade 6 ha patahunan 2014-2015. In kami landu' in pagshukur pa kamu katan amuin nakatumtum tumaabbit kamu minsn p in kaawnan niya yadtu kami ha Kutabatu.

In adlaw ini adlaw paglami-lami sin sila amuin nakatangbus sin unum tahun elementary education. Lamud ha paglami-lami adlaw yan in sila kamaasan amuin nagsangsa' ha supaya makapaiskul kaanaakan minsan pa in kaawnan niya landu' in sigpit sin paghula'-hula'. Adlaw ini namayta-i katu' taniyu katan, way makadaug ha sila amuin masabar, matuyu' iban tattap in pangatayan makatangbus pag-iskul.

In mawdhu' sin pag-graduation tahun ini pag ha bahasa Filipino auna in "Saktong Buhay: Sa De-Kalidad na Edukasyong Pinanday". Bang hijulbasa ta, magkulang maglabi in hatihan niya, in kabuhi' sampurna' hiyulma' labay doon ha sarayaw rayaw pag-iskul.
In pag-iskul sin kanaakan di' makadjari DepEd sadja atawa kamastalan sadja, subay hi tuku sin katan. In sampurna' pag-iskul kiyawajiban doon ha katan lawm kawman. In iskul piyaghahambuukuan sin kawman, marayaw in pag-iskul, hinda' mam iban sir isnin pa jumaat naghihindu', hi principal matilus magjaga kanda mam iban sir, in kawman gaus baugbug sin unu unu na parkala' ha hika sambu sin pag-iskul.

Pa manga nag-graduate ha adlaw ini, in pag-iskul bukun sadja pasal pagbaon, bang way, mag absent na. Misan way ba-un, in badju iban tawmpa' bukun ba'gu, subay da kita sumud pa class. Ayaw mahinang sabab in kamiskinan ha di' na mag-iskul. Subay in kamiskinan mahinang sabab in kitaniyu magtuyu' mag-iskul. In kami aturun niyu bihaun simambu, nakakamput kawasa, sa' tumtuma niyu in kami nakalabay da isab nag-iskul way baun, hambuuk da in tawmpa', in panamung juwalmura, in uniform dakdakan pagdatung pa bay ampa awn mausal kukunsumun. In kami nakalabay naglamay asin atawa tawyu sin sigpit sin kabuhianan sin pamili namu'. Sa' way kami simurindil.

In kami nagtuyu' biya' da isab sin duwa'a namu' kaniyu. In pag-iskul sumambu bang labay ha pagsabar, pagtuyu, pagpatibaba, iban pangandul ha Tuhan Rabbul Alameen amuin asal siyusuku'-sukuan niya na asal in manga ipun niya.Dahun ku in nakura' taniyu ha ARMM, hi RG Mujiv Hataman iban nakura' sin DepEd-ARMM Atty Jamar Kulayan, hi tukbal sin kami in congratulations pa kaniyu kaanakan, kamanghuran amuin nagtammat ha adlaw ini.
Damikiyan pa maas niyu amuin di' magbati'-laul pagpatundul ha supaya sumanyang in manga kaanakan. Hi tukbal da isab in congratulations pa Indanan South district amuin nakapatangbus Grade graduates adlaw ini. Mura-murahan in kitniyu tuytuy hidayatan sin Tuhan ... wa Billahi Tawfiq wal-hidayah wassalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi taala wa barakatuh.)

As a matter of sincere thanks and gratetude, the DIC (District In-Charge) gave Certificate of Appearance and Appreciation to the Guest Speaker and his three colleagues. Similarly, a token from the district school administrators was handed over by Dr. Hja. Sarah Y. Hayudini, Principal - I of Palan ES; Nur-aisha A. Gonzales, Principal - I of Kasambuhan Village gave the Certificate of Appearance and Appreciation to Nurhusin Baridji; Hja. Nalda J. Muksan presented the same certificate to Alsid Pakam; Faisal A. Kadil, Head Teacher - III of Pasil ES issued the same certificate to Abdulhakim Baridji; and the DIC did it to Sir Noor.


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