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Tips to Undertake School Activities for the Month of May, 2015

DepED Order No. 08 s. 2015 entitled School Calendar 2015-2016 was released on April 01, 2015. It officially directs every public school both elementary and secondary level to completely follow in the observance of all school events, activities, celebrations, holidays and other school affairs that shall be undertaken throughout the school year 2015-2016. The directives started since January, 2015 up to April 1, 2016, the last day of classes.

In so far as present month of May is concerned, every school should look into what activities stipulated in SC 2015 need more immediate implementation before June 1, 2015, the first day of classes. For elementary level, district head, school heads and teachers meet the hereunder-listed contents as they go over the SC 2015 from page 1 to the last page 10:
  1. First Day/last day of Classes for school year 2015-2016
  2. Number of school days
  3. Calendar of Activities
  4. Non-negotiable contact time
  5. Parent-teacher conference
  6. General assembly/Stakeholders Orientation
  7. Administration of ECD Checklist for Kindergarten and SreYA
  8. Phil-IRI from Grades 2 to 6
  9. INSET
  10. Formative assessment
  11. Language Assessment for Primary Grades (LAPG)
  12. NAT
  13. School activities before June 1, 2015
  14. Brigada Eskwela
  15. Mandated school activities and celebrations
To ensure good implementation, it is very necessary for a school to follow certain steps. Anyway the school has monthly INSET that primarily starts for the month of May so that there is definite preparation of the school for the opening school year. In short, May INSET plays a vital role in the implementation of SC 2015. 

Perhaps, steps look in the following manners:
  1. Design matrix for the INSET
    • Outline the contents of the SC 2015
    • Identify SC contents focused on teachers/personnel
    • Prepare slide for contents focused on teachers
    • Prepare materials for INSET
    • Schedule the INSET thru school memorandum
    • Walkthrough the SC
    • List down activities that need parents'/stakeholders' involvement
    • Set the schedule to create school planning team
    • Other activities dated June, 2015 may be taken up in June INSET
     2.   Send school memorandum to parents and stakeholders.
     3.  After the overview, create the school planning team composed of the following:
    • School head
    • CTA president
    • Intermediate grade teacher representative
    • Lower grade teacher representative
    • SGC president
    • PTCA president
    • SPG mayor
    • Barangay School Board Chairman
     4.  Organize the following committee for the conduct of Brigada Eskwela:
    • School Head - Over-all Chairman
    • PTCA President - Co-Chair
    • School Physical Facilities Coordinator - Member
    • Barangay Chairman/Representative - Member
    • School Governing Council - Member
    • Private Sector Representative - Member
    • Selected Teachers/Students - Members
    • Others - Members
     5.  Set the schedule of Brigada Eskwela
     6.  Take DepED Memo No. 41 s. 2015 as your guide, too
     7.  List down all the needed materials 
     8.  Designate Brigada Eskwela Steering Committee to chair the other working committees: 
    • Advocacy and Marketing Committee
    • Resource Mobilization Committee
    • Program Implementation Committee
    • Administrative and Finance Committee
    • Documentation Committee

     9.  Schedule the conduct of General Assembly/Stakeholders' Orientation, too
   10.  Agenda may be discussed are as follows:
    • K to 12 BEP
    • What parents may expect their school children at the end of school year
    • New grading system and class record
    • Schedule of homeroom PTA election and Campus PTCA election
    • Schedule of PTCA/SGC District Federation Election
    • Schedule of parent-teacher conference week after every grading period or quarter examination
    • Enrollment/requirement for kindergarten
    • Calendar of activities especially the first day and last day of classes
General Assembly/stakeholders orientation is much better if it is conducted with powerpoint presentation. 

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