Friday, May 8, 2015

What I Learn About Jump Break in Bloggers?

When I first started blogging, I really didn't know what a jump break was and how to use it in my blog post. There were some small things that were not noticed by begineer blogger but were really important, jump break was one of them. Even pro blogger doesn't take time to write about this.
If you know this then its cool but if you don't then you must learn to add jump break to your blog post. Adding jump break is like giving small summary or introduction of your post on the homepage. So in today's tutorial, I talk about jump break, its importance and how to add jump break in a blog post. It's really important that you add jump break in each and every post or article you publish on your blog.

Jump break is a simple feature in blogger. Whenever you add jump break in your blog post, the paragraph or text before the jump break is shown on home page of your blog or website. Its like showing introduction of your tutorial or article on the homepage of your website. So in order to view the complete post users have to click on read more link. This keep your home page clean and helps to generate more page views.

  • Keeps the homepage cleaner and gives user friendly look
  • Helps to generate more page views
  • Allows you to fit more post on the homepage of your blog
  • Gives users snaky peak of your blog post
Before learning to add jump break in your blog post, always keep few things in mind. Add Jump break after writing a small introduction paragraph on what your post is about and add relevant image to it as you can see on my homepage. Adding jump break is really easy just follow simple steps listed below.
  1. Write your blog post and keep your cursor where you want to add jump break. Then click on Insert Jump Break as shown below.
  2. After adding the jump break a dotted line will appear (shown in below picture). The text and images above this dotted line will be displayed on your homepage.
  3. Done! So, wasn't that so simple?

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