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What was Amazing in ISD Closing Exercises 2013?

One-on-one Consultation at Lantaka Hotel, ZC
March 20, 2013 was the date of Graduation Exercises 2013  of Bunot ES, Panglima Indanan CS, Langpas ES, Mukammali ES, Poblacion ES, Pasil ES, and Panglima Ahajan ES which are all under the area of Indanan South District. The rest of schools' graduation like Kasambuhan Village ES, Panglima Mammah ES, Timbangan ES and Palan ES was set to other
schedule because of their distance to the venue of clusters, namely: 1. Pasil ES Campus; and 2. Panglima Indanan CS. Seven elementary schools agreed to join cluster when those schools heard that the Regional DepED-ARMM Secretary, Hon. Atty. Jamar M. Kulayan approved the invitation of the DIC requesting his noble presence even just a day in the confirmation of the graduates batch 2013.

On February 9, 2013, six district supervisors/districts in-charge from the mainland of Sulu Division requested by the Secretary to sit on the one-on-one consultation over issues and concerns of the districts. ISD was one of those represented by the DIC and the head teacher - 3 of Pasil ES, authorized by Hon. Saripuddin "Eddih" D. Jikiri, Municipal Mayor to submit the request letter of Indanan Municipal School Board addressed to RG Mujiv S. Hataman. After the dialogue, release of plastic armchairs was done. ISD received 800 pieces and some teacher's table for the selected schools. It was here where the DIC invited the Secretary's attendance in the approaching graduation of grade six learners. For further study, Sec asked the DIC to submit graduation program in advance and it was complied thru LBC and Facebook.

About three weeks before the graduation day, incident happened in Panglima Indanan CS, the bigger cluster for the venue of Bunot ES, Langpas ES, Mukammali ES and Poblacion ES. A clan living in the vicinity of PICS encountered with clan from the other neighboring barangays that left more casualties to the clan outside barangay Licup. Thus, the other side of the warring families frequently made a patrol to Lampaki, sitio of Barangay Licup just to make revenge against the murderer of their dead family members. Yet, the houses of their foes were so close to the classrooms of PICS; that was why; disruption of classes became rampant. Personal appearance of the Secretary was already disseminated throughout the district although some of the educators did not surely expect it. Tense of the grudge grew stronger everyday until they enemies in Lampaki were forced to migrate to Barangay Bunot adjacent to their community, too. So, they left their homes and their enemies burned it to ashes. There were seven houses lost. Kerwin C. Asid, Principal of PICS already lost hope for the conduct of graduation in his school. Likewise, the other members of the clustered schools also made a plan for the change of venue.

Fortunately, the dialogue between the principal of PICS, the DIC and the Chairwoman of Barangay Licup, Hon. Barsima Adanan was firm to do something in so far as conduct of graduation was concerned. Newly-organized District Federation of PTCA/SGC was involved by the school administrators until Chairwoman of Barangay Bunot, Hon. Merilyn T. Askali was connected to the issue. Core group stretched to Chairwoman of Licup, Chairwoman of Bunot, District Federation Officers, DIC, Kerwin and school heads of the clusters. The core group sought the assistance of municipal government and Hon. Hji. Akmad Muksan, Municipal Administrator actively participated in the issue.

Fianlly, face-to-face dialogue was conducted to warring parties one after the other purposely to solicit their cooperation in the maintenance of peace and order circumstances in Panglima Indanan CS where the school children would still need the remaining weeks for the completion of their studies and more importantly on the daily practice of the grade six graduates in preparation for graduation cluster in PICS. In addition, both factions were also inspired about the persoanl attendance of the Secretary that made them aha. Alhamdulillah, both sides promised not to engage with each other in Barangay Licup while the school activities would not yet for summer.

Amazingly superb, it was when the Secretary did not withdraw his commitment to be with the graduates though the situation was evident to him. Hon. Malli M. Kadil, Municipal Education Committee Chair phoned the DIC, "Salam, Sir! Nagbubunu' pa yan? Maghundung na sa yan bat dumatung na kami iba Sec pa Jolo kinsum."

Allahu akbar! Mashallah! Subhanallah!

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Secretary's courageous personal appearance in the sight of Indanan BLGU and LGU officials proved the existence of educational reform in DepED-ARMM. People of Indanan never experienced even once Regional people of DepED attending graduation of grade six. So, crowd before the graduation ceremony added more solemnity because of the noble presence of the Secretary. Its impact for the parents and people of Indanan was certain belief in greatness of Indanan South in the eyes of Noble Sec. It was impressed them to start maximizing their involvement in the school activities towards promoting quality education of their school children. Significant impact on the part of Sec was an illumination of his vision to implement the school MOOE in Panglima Indanan CS.

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