Friday, June 19, 2015

DIC: Alhamdulillah, Enrolled

The District In-Charge of Indanan South District was feeling delighted as he enrolled for Comprehensive Examination in Graduate School, Notre Dame of Jolo College, Jolo, Sulu last Monday, June 15, 2015. He visited first the Office of the Dean of Graduate School where he was advised to proceed to the Office of the Registrar for evaluation. The Dean gave him copy of clearance through the Dean's Secretary that should be signed by the authorized personnel in in the Office of Finance, Head of the Library, College's Registrar and finally the Dean of the Graduate School.

Alhamdulillah, the Registrar approved DIC's plan for Compre Exam enrollment after critical evaluation of all the subjects and number of units taken under academic subjects prescribed for MAED course or program. Completed academic learning areas, units and grades are reflected in the thumbnail photo below.

As the DIC got back to the Office of the Graduate School, the Dean advised her Secretary to hand over the Enrollment Form for Comprehensive Examination to Samoore S. Ladjahali so that he may proceed to the Office of the Finance before enrollment would be closed on June 20, 2015. The Secretary guided him to copy the posted schedule and name of subjects offered for the current semester in the corner fronting the main stair of the Graduate School.

"You must settle first all your previous accounts, Sir before the Office of Finance and Registrar would accommodate you in this year's enrollment," the Secretary updated the DIC.

"Sure, Ma'am. . . and you may have much blessings from the Almighty once you'll be my partner in the settlement of my previous accouts," joked the DIC.

Naser L. Assil, the District Property Custodian was the escort of the DIC in that whole day's transaction in the Notre Dame of Jolo College where the DIC also obtained his degree in Bachelor of Elementary Education in a Pluralistic Setting under ATTP (Accelerated Teacher's Training Program) from 1987-1989 financed by Canadian Agency.

"In sha Allah, Nas, I will be one of those to march in 2016," DIC confirmed to the District Property Custodian.

" In sha Allah, Sir," the DPC admitted.

"What's your gift for me?" asked the DIC.

"Ha, ha,  ha. . .," the DPC giggled.

"Don't worry. . . I will monetize your time that you spent with me today. I will count how many hours you have. Whatever it takes, it's your gift to me, Nas," seriously taken by the DIC.

"I am ready to be your photographer during your marching, Sir," Nas promised in a laughing expression.

"It's well-taken and thank you, Nas," DIC replied with his big smile.

Finance Office computed the previous accounts that were equal to five thousand, thirty-two pesos (P 5, 032.00) only. The DIC paid his previous accounts first before he gave down payment for the Compre Enrollment at the amount of two thousand pesos (P 2, 000.00) only.

Later, the DIC would submit communication to the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent requesting for permit to study or take the Comprehensive Examination in Notre Dame of Jolo College that shall be tentatively given right after Eid'l Fit'r as scheduled by the Graduate School of NDJC.

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