Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Head Teacher - III of Pasil ES & Annexes Consolidates Geo-tagging Report of ISD

Faisal "Fai" A. Kadil, Head Teacher - III of Pasil Elementary School and Annexes consolidated the geo-tagging report of all schools in Indanan South District. He was the first school head to learn the skill on geo-tagging. Hence, the District In-Charge entrusted him to conduct school-to-school photography in order to have accurate details for the urgent report on school geo-tagging. The DIC also asked favor from Alyasir A. Hussam, TIC of Poblacion Elementary School and Annex to hasten the accessibility of Faisal A. Kadil in the entire schools of Indanan South District. Faisal A. Kadil sat at the back of Alyasir A. Hussam, the expert motorcycle driver. The DIC was so proud of them for accomplishing the school-to-school geo-tagging activity in just a day.

When night came, Fai sat before his HP laptop with his Samsung mobile on his left side opened in gallery mode where the geo-tagging photos were stored. That was June 4 and geo-tagging report should be submitted on June 6, 2015 as advised by the Sulu Division Planning Office per instruction of the Regional Planning Office through mobile call dialed by Sir Jonathan Omar. Fortunately, Fai was so expeditious reporter whom I viewed his post in Facebook. He hurriedly posted every geo-tagged photo of the different schools in Facebook website that night. He also tagged me to all images that he posted in his timeline.

To my surprise, I witnessed with my both sights the uploaded file in DOC (District Online Communications), Facebook group of ISD teachers, learners, supporters, mentors, parents, regional and division school officials and other educational stakeholders from DepEd and Non-Governmental Office who are in one way or the other in promoting quality education in the Municipality of Indanan. The file was abouth the consolidated report on schools' geo-tagging encoded in Microsoft excel. He had the consolidation form for the entire Sulu Division where he finally entered the latitude and longitude information of all schools recorded in his photo gallery. It was he who made ISD first to submit geo-tagging report to the Office of the Planning Section headed by Hja. Insih Asaari.

Geo-tagging consolidation report prepared by Fai caused this blog to appear online for record purposes of ISD. The DIC was so grateful and proud of his administrative responsibility as school head. His work was captured into a photo-like image done through snipping tool for clarity and brightness to display in the bloggers site of ISD.

Viewers of this blog might wonder why Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Primary School and Sapie Primary School did not show their latitude and longitude calculation because of their distance from the main road during the conduct of school-to-school geo-tagging journey of Fai and Ya'. Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Primary School is located in Barangay Karawan based on its original site. It has been relocated; however; to Barangay Panabuan since many years ago for the reason of unstable peace and order circumstances in its original location. Temporarily, this primary school lies in the campus of its main school, the Panglima Ahajan Elementary School headed by Mussah A. Arabain, Head Teacher - III. Mussah A. Arabain is still in planning for the relocation of Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi again into nearby area of Barangay Karawan so that this primary school would be captured with geo-tagged photos.

In case of Sapie Primary School, annex of Langpas Elementary School headed by Hja. Nalda J. Muksan, ESHT - III, Fai and Ya' were not able to reach there in so far as its location in the far-flung area was concerned. Proper coordination with the Barangay Headman should be made first before an activity like geo-tagging could be started. In-Charge of the geo-tagging work just briefed Hja. Nalda A. Muksan on the skill of geo-tagging then it's up for her to schedule for the capturing of geo-tagged photos in her annex. Sapie Primary School is located in the center of Barangay Paligue which is very exposed place to the situation of family feud, grudge and other forms of conflict.

The DIC has already phoned the Regional Planning personnel about the conditions of the two primary schools. He requested to wait for some possible time for the geo-tagging reports of the two primary schools. Jonathan Omar, personnel of the Regional Planning approved the DIC's request provided it could be made within the month of June.

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