Sunday, June 14, 2015

ISD School Administrators Prepare Innovative Conduct of Post Conference

The District In-Charge spearheaded the eleven school heads of Indanan South District how District Post Conference would be prepared with innovative conduct and more commitment-driven rather than telling repeatedly what went wrong. It was a half-day gathering equipped with bloody discussions, sharing, suggestions and thought-provoking queries between the DIC and the school managers. The half-day forum was held at ISD Office, Km. 2, Indanan, Sulu last June 11, 2015. It started with review on the different data collected during the 1-day district school visitation to the entire eleven elementary schools last June 8, 2015, There was projector and screen for data presentation. Faisal A. Kadil, Head Teacher - III of Pasil Elementary School and Annexes and Alyasir A. Hussam, TIC of Poblacion Elementary School and Annex acted as encoders and documenters during the discussions. What made the cell bloody was the feedbacking for the data gathered. Every school head agreed with one another to give feedbacking model in a different way as usually done in the previous years.

After flashing those findings thru powerpoint, the DIC raised the 'why' question for having post conference that was set to June 16, 2015 because of coincidence with half-day orientation on the launching of division LRMDC at DepED Conference Hall, June 15, 2015. Reasons below were expressed by the school administrators.
  1. Remind teacher's vital role in the pursuit of learning
  2. Diagnose teaching-learning needs to effect student's performance
  3. Assist teachers in the attainment of school vision-mission set by the school
  4. Feedback teachers on the current reality of the classrooms in preparation for higher learning outcomes
  5. Update teachers on teaching-learning innovation based on the K to 12 Curriculum
  6. Promote teamwork in exerting more educational endeavors in promoting child-centered and community-based education 

Sequence of gathered information from the school-based inspection was thoroughly put into a consistent order as follows:
  • Pupil's attendance
  • SF1
  • SF2
  • Classroom structuring
  • Instructional materials
  • K to 12 orientation
  • Gulayan sa paaralan
  • Form 48
  • Physical aspects
  • Teacher's attendance
  • NKCG
  • Lesson plan
  • DLL
  • CI implementation
Feedbacking on the above-bulleted key points was carefully discussed by the school instructional leaders of ISD to achieved the objectives set in the previous paragraphs. Lectures on new grading system, new class record and SLAC would follow after feedbacking.

Alnashvier I. Abduljalil, Kauzar I. Jawang and Annadzma J. Adong would be the EMCEE. Timbangan Elementary School teachers or pupils would be appreciated much in entertaining the participants to the 1-Day District Post Conference.

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