Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ma'am Peh: Why Do You Not Invite Me as Observer

"Why do you not invite me as observer?," seriously asked by Ma'am Pilar, Education Program Supervisor for English.

"Right, Ma'am! This is what I do. I will write request to the SDS for the approval of your presence in our post conference," the DIC replied.

"Ok, so that it is formal," Ma'am Peh anwered.

Right after the district team visitation conducted in the entire ISD schools last June 8, 2015, the District In-Charge happened to passed by the office of Ms. Pilar T. Dumalanta, the ever-noted intelligent Education Program Supervisor for English in the DepED-Sulu Division under the able leadership of Dr. Tim J. Undain, FRIEdr. Schools Division Superintendent. The DIC updated Ma'am Peh about the conduct of 1-Day District Post Conference at Timbangan Elementary School Gym, Timbangan, Indanan, Sulu, June 16, 2015 in response to the findings and information gathered during the 1-day district team visitation spearheaded by the District Commissioner, Dr. Alvarez A. Salaton, Principal - II. 

Ma'am Peh was also eageer to know more about CI (Continuous Improvement) from the DIC. She listened curiously while the DIC detailing the the 3 A's and 10 steps of CI process. She asked many questions about the status of ISD especially in terms of educational program implementation as well as the changes made in the district.

Last issues that ended the dialogue between the DIC and Ma'am Peh were the LAC Planning Implementation Workshop that was attended by the DIC in Astoria Plaza, Escriva Drive, Pasig City.

Unfortunately, the DIC was not able to enter the office of the Schools Division Superintendent in the morning of June 15, 2015 due to the flock of teachers lining up in the door of the SDS's office. He withdrew himself from the line with his District Property Custodian, Naser L. Assil and proceeded to other priorities with an intention to get back in the afternoon.

In the afternoon of the same day, the DIC and DPC waited so long for Ma'am Peh in the division office telling her about the request letter. It was almost five o'clock in the afternoon when Ma'am Peh arrived in her office from other duties. The DIC handed the request letter to her explaining that the SDS was at the Provincial Peace and Order Council Meeting that afternoon; that's why; the request was not signed. 

"Ma'am Peh, it is known to the division office that ISD was visited by Sec and Asec especially during graduation exercises time. Sorry, I am hesitant to pick you up to our district post conference tomorrow without the approval of our SDS. It seems that I don't respcet and recognize the authority of our boss," the DIC explained.

"Ok, just wait for tomorrow morning. Perhaps, she would be able to approve that request. Whenever it is possible, just pick me up there in the nearby cathedral," Ma'am Peh committed.

The ISD teachers and personnel were so delighted to note that Ma'am Peh would be with them. However, time was too late, maybe. The district post conference should start even without here personal appearance as an observer.

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