Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mukammali ES is the 6th Piloted School for AAI-DA Gulayan sa Paaralan Program

Mukammali Elementary School  headed by Melda I. Adug, Head Teacher - III was the sixth piloted school for Asia America Initiative-Depratment of Agriculture Gulayan sa Paaralan Program. The District In-Charge suggested Mukammali Elementary School while Mercia S. Alli, Head of the Department of Agriculture asked him for one more school in addition to Kasambuahan Village Elementary School.

"Kasambuhan Village ES was already in the list for one-day training on Gulayan sa Paaralan. One more school in your district," DA head asked.

"Mukammali ES. Make it three to include Pasil Elementary School," the DIC recommended.

"Let's have first six in that kind of approach. Pasil ES will be included in the regular program of DA Gulayan sa Paaralan," DA head justified.

The above-quoted dialogue happened during Facebook chat messages between the DIC and Mercia S. Alli, the Head of Department of Agriculture in Sulu. Long before AAI President, Albert Santoli had FB conversation planning for the implementation of Gulayan sa Paaralan for among selected MOBE (Model Of Bawgbug Education) schools in partnership with the Department of Agriculture in the province of Sulu. Both heads had a dialogue box in Facebook with the inclusion of DIC's name though he did not interfere in the conversation. 

"He wanted Gulayan sa Paaralan to be participatory in approach which is open for school children and members of the Parents-Teacher and Community Association (PTCA), " Mrs. Alli forwarded Santoli's suggestions.

The six MOBE piloted schools of AAI-DA Gulayan sa Paaralan are listed below based on the chat messages of Mrs. Alli this Sunday afternoon.
  1. Sahaya Integrated School
  2. Don Jose Godinez Elementary School
  3. Sulu State College High School
  4. Miindanao State University High School
  5. Kasambuhan Village Elementary School
  6. Mukammali Elementary School
The six schools above will be given one-day training by the Department of Agriculture that will be scheduled by DA Head, DIC and Division Nurse Shareen M. Lakibul. The three concerned heads will meet in the DA Office on June 30, 2015 at around nine o'clock in the morning. According to Mrs. Alli, the conference will be about the preparation of the training.

After the one-day training for those six piloted AAI MOBE schools, every school participant will also conduct hands on practicum in their respective schools. In other words, training will be expanded by the school participants so that there are more parents that shall be able to engage with the activity.

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