Sunday, June 7, 2015

Philippine Marines Expands Programs and Services for School Children in ISD

The Philippine Marines initiates programs for school children in some schools of Indanan South District, Indanan, Sulu. ISD only expected them in the conduct of Brigada Eskwela 2015 based on the dialogue agreed between the District In-Charge, Samoore S. Ladjahali with Sgt. Pareno at the ISD Office, Km. 2, Kajatian, Indanan, Sulu last May 13, 2015. Admittedly yes, the Philippines Marines has already offered school services since many years ago but it was limited to the request of the schools near their camps or detachment particularly in Bud Datu, Indanan, Sulu. For instance, Panglima Mammah Elementary School located by the roadside of Barangay Tagbak, Indanan, Sulu is so close to Bud Datu. Thus, the school enjoyed the programs and services below from the Philippines Marines due to the legitimate relationship of the former principal to the soldiers in Bud Datu where her son-in-law was also assigned there.

  • Coaching and training baseball and football players every year
  • Sponsoring the school children players to compete with football players in Manila and Luzon
  • Requesting the intermediate learners for Lakbay Aral
  • Conducting 6-month feeding program
  • Engaging in school minor and major repair
  • Escorting Boys Scouts and Girls Scouts to Bud Datu
  • Loading athletes to the venue of district and provincial meet
  • Providing trash cans
  • Many other forms of school services
For this year 2015, the Philippine Marines started to expand their services to some schools of ISD. They started in Palan Elementary School located near the roadside of Indanan-Talipao National Highway. They began with school supplies for the school children such as books, notebooks, papers, pencils, ballpens and other materials which were basically needed by the pupils. One time the DIC was supposedly in attendance requested by the school principal, Dr. Hja. Sarah Y. Hayudini but he failed to witness the distribution of supplies because it coincided with the invitation of other school that urgently needed the DIC's personal appearance. Concerned Philippine Marines over Palan Elementary School was stationed in Bayut, Talipao, Sulu. Last March 15, 2015, the DIC intentionally visited Palan ES where arrived and saw PM six-by-six truck and personal vehicle of the Indanan Municipal Administrator, Hji. Akmad Muksan escorted by Chairman of Barangay Pasil, Hermot D. Jikiri and other municipal employees. It was a survey on school physical needs as they answered the DIC's query.

In Timbangan Elementary School headed by TIC Masdida M. Sarabi, the Philippine Marines has detachment just on the otherside of the road facing the school campus. They consulted the TIC what help they may offer for the school in connection with the pupils development as learners and expected successors for the betterment of the community and nation. As a result, they transported athletes to the venue of the district meet and provincial athletic meet. The shared the with electrict supply or generator and sound system whenever school programs hosted in school.

Last January, 2015, the Philippine Marines also tapped Panglima Indanan Central School, headed by TIC Andrada M. Asid as recipient of their programs expansion. They constructed school directory. They repaired and painted the classrooms of the school. They also provided the students with feeding and trash cans for the maintenance of cleanliness in the school campus.

This year's Brigada Eskwela 2015 enjoyed much the participation of Philippine Marines. As agreed, Sgt Pareno committed in front of the DIC that they would expected during Brigada Eskwela 2015 in the campus of Bunot ES, Panglima Indanan CS, Timbangan ES, Poblacion ES, Mukammali ES, and Panglima Ahajan ES. Sgt Pareno phone booked all the mobile numbers of the school heads of the aforementioned schools purposely for coordination before the conduct of the school activity. They even included Palan ES in their list of involvement during BE.

In the first week of opening of regular classes, the Philippine Marines were back to school with their excited programs for the learners like distribution of books and feeding for the entire school-goers. As an update for the DIC shown by the school administrators, the following schools cheered the school programs and services of PM:

  • Panglima Indanan Central School
  • Poblacion Elementary Schools
  • Pasil Elementary School

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