Thursday, June 4, 2015

Poblacion TIC: How Happy the Children are in the First Week of Classes

Alyasir “Muks” A. Hussam is a TIC (Teacher In-Charge) of Poblacion Elementary School and Annex, Manilop Primary School. He had been TIC of group schools, Dayuan PS and Manilop PS before the DIC transferred him to handle Poblacion ES when Kerwin C. Asid turned-over Panglima Indanan CS to Sitti Palman I. Mohammad, Principal of Poblacion ES.

Poblacion ES and Annex was the first school to post photos of undertakings done during the conduct of Brigada Eskwela 2015. More sectors participated in the preparation of school for the opening of classes on June 1, 2015 compared to previous years. It involves Philippines Marines or MBLT 10, youth, BLGU officials, parents and learners.

"How happy the children are in the first week of classes," TIC of Poblacion ES posted in DOC, Facebook group of ISD.
Brigada Eskwela mattered most in so far as interest of the pupils to attend regular classes on the FDS (first day of service)  was concerned. Those years, regular attendance of the learners in the entire grade levels could not be expected. Sometimes, it would last for more than a week before the school children would observe regular presence in their lessons. Reasons were similarly expressed below.
  1. Distance of the schools from Jolo caused failure of Brigada Eskwela
  2. Parents and other sectors/stakeholders were not used to participate in the preparation of school before FDS
  3. Admittedly-believed, FDS was the format start of enrollment
  4. School children thought that FDS was for cleaning the classrooms and school premises
  5. Peace and order situation
ISD has only two schools near Jolo with a distance of four kilometers away from it. It is Kasambuhan Village ES and Panglima Mammah ES located at Km. 5, Tagbak, Indanan, Sulu. Alhamdulillah, all of the schools in ISD observed more days in implementing Brigada Eskwela than those decades. More sectors began to collaborate in the activity especially the Philippine Marines in Pasil ES, Poblacion ES, Panglima Indanan CS, Timbangan ES and Palan ES. Municipal employees headed by MPDC, Sawradjan P. Allama were excited to join the event in Pasil ES. Barangay Kagawad and representatives of Barangay Poblacion also offered their efforts in making school attractive for the school-goes on June 1, 2015.

Furthermore, Philippine Marines from MBLT 10 was in Poblacion Elementary School with three boxes of books donated for the school children. Likewise, feeding for the learners was also established to promote the health of the school children. Similar activities of the Philippine Marines were also undertaken in Pasil Elementary School based on the mobile call pressed to last night by Faisal A. Kadil, Head Teacher - III of the biggest school in ISD.

Geo-tagging endeavor conducted yesterday by Sir Fai showed lots of pictures of learners in the different elementary and primary schools. Yet, first week of regular classes conicided with the observance of Nisfu (Duwaa Hawan-Kubul) where all children would enjoy eating native chickens partnered with unusual preparation of delicious menu. The school children; however; did not flacked themselves in cleaning the graveyards until the final day or duwaa occurred. Right after the Nisfu Day, school children forgot the duwaa right away and back to school on the third day of June, 2015. 

Sir Alyasir A. Hussam really felt long-lost excitement on the learners' happiness in the first week of school days where school children were no longer disturbed by fixing the classrooms and spending much time in cleaning the school campus and corners of the playground. His pleasant feeling was the result of his little sacrifices in planning, organizing and influence on his teachers, learners, parents, supporters and other stakeholders how school would be prepared well for the arrival of young leaders of tomorrow.

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