Sunday, June 28, 2015

School is Permanent; Administrator is Temporary

School is permanent. It may accommodate thousands and even million of school heads, administrators or managers. It continues to exist in its school site so long as this world exists, too. End of the world is unpredictable. Similarly, end of the school is mysterious to every school administrators. In elementary for instance, learners or students just stay for seven years. Afterwards, students, whether they like or not have to leave the school and proceed to the next level of school which is the secondary school and so on until they reach tertiary school. Four to five years will be the end of learners' stay in the school. There is no better place for the accommodation of the seekers of knowledge than the school. It may serve like a refinery for the teachers to sharpen student's consciousness. Thus, the government spends much money, efforts and time for the establishment of school in every barangay, municipality, province, region and the nation as a whole so that every child is catered in response to the principle of EFA (Education For All). Every year, the government expects children to enter the schools in any levels of education.

School is primarily manned by the so-called school head, school administrator, school leader or school manager. Vision, mission and higher learning outcomes of the school depend solely on the school head. Constitutionally, school administrator shall have the authority and responsibility for both instructional leader and administrative manager. He/she is responsible for the smooth sailing of the school along the pathway of the nationally-prescribed curriculum. Likewise, he/she is accountable for whatever outcome of the school. It is always the duty of the school manager to maintain the school serving like a heart in every locality. Critically-designed curriculum for every child, pupil, student or learner is installed in the school where the school leader has to open it so motivating, encouraging and stimulating for all school-goers. As school manager, he/she has to safeguard and maintain the capacity-building, the adequacy and the innovative knowledge, capabilities, skills and attitudes of the school to attract more residents to adopt the school policies, directions and certainty towards the attainment of school-goers' hope and aspirations in life that may contribute to their development as law-abiding citizen, work-oriented members of the nation and prospective successors of nation's leaders.

School manager is temporary. His/her stay in school is just up to sixty-five years of age. Afterwards, retirement comes for the school head but not for the school. In this respect, every school administrator should be careful to utilize his/her stay in a certain school. He/she can be a guiding factor for the school or even a curse for the school to continuously transport learners into the world of deception. Parents, community members, supporters, mentors and many other educational stakeholders are in a constant worry how they can fully engage in the children's education regardless of their financial status. They are more concerned over the education of their children than the teachers and school leader for they all know that they will the first beneficiaries of the consequences and successful triumphs of their children. Thus, participation, involvement and collaboration with the school are surely expected if the school head is truly-guided in the right track. If not, the school manager becomes the hindrance and obstacle for everyone to participate in the upbringing of the school. It will be a great challenge for the DepED (Department of Education) to repair and win the people's heart broken by the previous school manager. 

DepED officials should assist well every school administrator. Whatever school head is now, DepED can no longer blame and say something negative on whatever deficiencies shown by the school administrator. The right thing for them is training to enhance their competencies,  technical and financial assistance for the improvement of the school, constant monitoring and evaluation on what the school manager did in the school and planning for him to grow more professionally in the field of education.

School head is the heart of the school. School is the heart of the community. Community is the heart of people. People are the heart of the government. Government is the heart of the nation. Nation is the heart of the world. The world is the heart of the universe. Let's take care the heart. Let's make it clean and full of purity. Let's redden it actively to give much energy for the transformation of physical aspects to explore the secret of the universe in so far as necessities of life are concerned.

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