Thursday, July 16, 2015

10 Successful Passers in LET 2015

As finally surveyed and determined from the reports of eleven school administrators of Indanan South District, the ISD is so proud to update everyone of its 10 successful passers in the conduct of Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) dated March 29, 2015. The result was released last May 22, 2015. Those 10 LET passers belong to the two categories, namely: 1. Provisional teachers; and 2. Volunteer teachers in the different elementary schools and primary schools of Indanan South District.

For the category of provisional teachers, there are five (5) of them whose complete names are enumerated below.
  1. Hamir Puyong Halid
  2. Marlene Namli Jadjuli
  3. Mercilyn Mammah Namli
  4. Nuradal Ajuji Rabbayani
  5. Sarhina Sarahadin Jawari
Hamir P. Halid is stationed at Kasambuhan Village Elementary School, Km. 4, Tagbak, Indanan, Sulu. He is under the stewardship of the Principal I, Nur-aisha A. Gonzales. He is one of the expert mathematic teachers in KVES.

Marlene N. Jadjuli is also from KVES. She was former Kindergarten teacher in her school for many years.

Mercilyn M. Namli is sister of Marlene N. Jadjuli, a resident of Kasambuhan Village. She was formerly-assigned as Grade 1 Adviser in Panglima Mammah Elementary School, Tagbak, Indanan, Sulu but she was recently re-aligned to handle the Grade 3 class in Kasambuhan Village Elementary School in place of Alnashvier I. Abduljalil, a newly-deployed teacher to Bunot Elementary School headed by Head Teacher III, Jurmainna H. Hunding. Her re-assignment occurred due to excess teacher in her former station.

Nuradal A. Rabbayani is a very effective teacher of Manilop Primary School, annex of Poblacion Elementary School headed by TIC Alyasir A. Hussam.

Sarhina S. Jawari is from Langpas Elementary School headed by Head Teacher III, Hja. Nalda J. Muksan who was able to sign an appointment for Principal I position vice Hji. Asaali S. Jadjulie, retired principal of Timbangan Elementary School.

Under the category of volunteer teachers, the following names represent the new additional applicants for teacher I position that may be considered as 'Walk-in' in the forthcoming conduct of interview and teaching demonstration that will be held by the Regional Promotion and Selection Board in DPWH Office, Jolo, Sulu on July 20, 2015 at 1:00 PM:
  1. Ibnohajar Mahang Jadjuli
  2. Paksa Abdurahim Isman
  3. Shermalyn Sappal Adjarae
  4. Shermalyn Alih Hamsinain
  5. Suharto Sarapuddin Alpha
Ibnohajar M. Jadjuli is a husband of Marlene N. Jaduli. He renders volunteer teaching service in the school where his wife is officially assigned.

Paksa A. Isman is a volunteer teacher of Panglima Mammah Elementary School headed by School Caretaker/Master Teacher I, Josefina S. Ajijul.

Shermalyn S. Adjarae renders volunteer teaching service at Timbangan Elementary School headed by TIC, Masdida M. Sarabi, an applicant for reclassification from Teacher II to Master Teacher I.

Shermalyn A. Hamsinain is a volunteer teacher assigned at Palan Elementary School headed by the Principal, Dr. Hja. Sarah Y. Hayudini, the wife of Hon. Mayor of Patikul Municipality.

Suharto S. Alpha is a volunteer teacher of Manilop Primary School. He is a first cousin of the District In-Charge, Samoore S. Ladjahali.

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