Saturday, July 11, 2015

AAI President Needs Budget Proposal from Kasambuhan VES, Mukammali ES and Pasil ES

Asia America Initiative President Albert Santoli needs budget proposal from Kasambuhan Village Elementary School, Mukammali Elementary School and Pasil Elementary School for an accurate planning for the funds that shall be needed in making their respective Gulayan sa Paaralan Program more productive with fertile preparation or cultivation of school children's gardening plots which have just been dug as posted in their Facebook website.

The need for said budget proposal was sent through private message in Facebook by Bro. AL to the District In-Charge this evening, July 11, 2015 that may be read as follows:

Bro AL:         Brother Moore, this is for tomorrow's planning meeting for 2015-16 at the Dep ed office of Nurse Hja Shareen: for what AAI can do as our basic programs, but can be expanded depending on funding, which I am working on now. Another shipment of books and school supplies and the eco-bags is enroute to Jolo from manila by sea. But it make take a little time because of the typhoon. : Please inform the group that we have more books and other school supplies coming. But it is important we set goals for the feeding/ nutrition and school clinic program; and also the Gulayan sa Paaralan gardening to have locally grown foods for each school. Will send details later. I also wish to know about the summer programs for students and teachers and nurses. And I will contact the Dept of Agri rep at Phil Embassy in DC this week to try to get support for the Gulayan sa Paaralan program expansion. Important question for each of our schools is can parents have a weekly volunteer schedule to assist with the cooking and feeding -- the entire school year. Four nice lunch meals per week. We need a menu for each day of the week so we can budget appropriately, not more than 10 pesos per child to make big pots of soups and purchase big bags of rice and get good prices from farmers and fishermen and merchants for purchasing large quantities, in addition to school gardens. Magsukol.

There are still books at SSC. You can use some for summer reading programs at a couple of your District's schools that you earlier inquired about.

Should I send funds now for Pasil for seeds and watering buckets? Please send me a budget.

DIC:                I will talk first with Faisal Kadil Head Teacher of Pasil about the budget proposal

Okay. We can sustain momentum with seeds and water pails if needed, right away.

Ramadan Mubarack to you and your family and extended community.

Bro AL:        Thanks, Brother. Let's start with Pasil ES for now as an assessment location who already has great effort. After Eid Fitr I will send other funds through Hja Pinky Shareen and Sis Mercia for the overall 7 schools in the first group of the AAI-DA-DepEd partnership program. But please discuss with all of your schools from Indanan such as Kasambuhan, Pasil, ansd Mukammali, so I can plan the budget well with our DA and DepEd Health partners... and AAi can fill gaps in DA actual funds in-hand. The training is coming very soon by DA-DepEd-AAI.

Can parents attending help with cooking some snacks as their counterpart at the training? That will free up more AAI funds for more seeds and tools and water pails for irrigation if needed. What do you think about that?

I wish to make sure as many additional schools as possible can be trained and started in the second group by conserving funds and have affordable counterpart from community in first stage.

Teamwork or tabangtabang is our strength. Wassalam.

As one can see the highlighted message in the first statement of Bro AL, goals for the following programs shall be set properly for better implementation of every MOBE school in Indanan South District. 

Furthermore, AAI President asked every MOBE school if parents can have weekly volunteer service to assist with the cooking and feeding in the school.

Therefore, you have to specify your objectives in doing those school programs or projects and fail not describe what the project is all about. In your proposal, state the objectives, strategies,time frame, persons involved, materials/items/equipments/tools and financial needed and the last column shall be success indicator of the projects/programs.

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