Thursday, July 16, 2015

Albert Santoli: School Gifts for Eid Mubarack Activities at Their Schools.

At Sulu State College Laboratory High School Library today, Ms. Rohelyn S. Ahaja, AAI Staff - Sulu Chapter managed the distribution of 12-stuff toys and seven assorted games to different MOBE schools shipped by Albert Santoli, President of Asisa America Initiative. Four MOBE schools were about to receive the school gifts from the AA Staff today, namely: 1. Kasambuhan Village Elementary School headed by Principal Nur-aisha A. Gonzales; 2. Timbangan Elementary School headed by TIC Masdida M. Sarabi; 3 Poblacion Elementary School headed by TIC Alyasir A. Hussam; and 4. Pasil Elementary School headed by Head Teacher Faisal A. Kadil.

However, only Timbangan Elementary School and Poblacion Elementary School were able to catch up the time of today's distribution due to unavailability of communication access in their respective places. Therefore, the following elementary schools were late to claim the AAI Ramadhan gifts from Albert Santoli:
  1. Kasambuhan Village Elementary School
  2. Pasil Elementary School
"School gifts for Eid Mubarack Activities at their schools," AAI president sincerely commented in Facebook Website.

Bro AL further said, "Yes. All MOBE schools get equal love.... it is a matter of communication and access to information where some schools have better means than others. Eid Mubarack. And we extend gratitude to all of our donors. All of this effort is based on consistent good practices by our AAI and Tausug family. I look forward to seeing you all soon. Miss Rohelyn is making a very good effort, under my instruction from across the world to try to make sure all MOBE elementary schools receive some happy school gifts for Eid Mubarack activities at their schools. We are trying to stretch the number of toys and games to show all of our DepEdfamily equal love. We put an emphasis also on the schools with greatest need. Wassalam."

The twelve-stuff toys and seven assorted games, accordingly, would be intended for the prizes of those who would win in the contests conducted by the MOBE schools during Eid'l Fit'r 2015 which will be celebrated on the 18th day of July, 2015. AAI President is so regular in sending many school supplies for the MOBE schools in DepED-Sulu particularly in Indanan South District under the able leadership of Samoore "Moore" S. Ladjahali, Principal I/District In-Charge. Before the arrival of toys and games, huge boxes of books came in from America donated by some friends of AAI President. Surely, there will be another shipment to come soon as he posted last night the boxes of hospital supplies as presents of Andy, his student from Pittsburgh, Pennsyvania, whose father is a Doctor of Medicine.

"One of my student's Andy isfrom Pittsburgh. His dad is an MD surgeon there and sent these new suppliesfrom his hospital. Other much-needed school clinic supplies will be coming inthe August post-Eid l'fitr shipment to Jolo," introduced by the AAI President.

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