Sunday, July 5, 2015

CI Project: Mini-ABS in Grade 4

Mini-ABS in Grade 4 is a school CI project's name of Panglima Indanan Central School headed by Andrada M. Asid, Teacher In-Charge. It means 'minimize absenteeism in grade 4. Panglima Indanan Central School came up that CI (Continuous Improvement) project based on the consultation among teachers what their priority concern that needs immediate solution by all teachers in so far as teamwork is concerned. The teachers of Panglima Indanan Central School were organized into the following CI composition:
  • Process Owner - Andrada M. Asid
  • Team Leader - Fauzy I. Jadjulie
  • Facilitator - Anariza J. Hussam
  • Scribe - Shermahal L. Jainal
  • Documentation - Annadzma J. Adong
  • Communication - Silma J. Baklayan
  • Process Observer - Hja. Sandra G. Hedisin

The CI team began their priority improvement area with talking with their customers or the pupils whose attendance in the Monday-to-Friday classes was irregular. They found out that most of them were under Grade 4 as they followed the three A's and ten-step process of CI methodology. 

At first, the Process Owner  was one among the school heads attended the CI orientation on the three A's (Assess, Analyze and Act) and ten-step process of CI enumerated below conducted by the DIC in the District Office before the opening of classes in June 1, 2015.
  1. Get organized
  2. Talk with the customers
  3. Walk the process
  4. Identify priority improvement area
  5. Do root-cause analysis
  6. Develop solution
  7. Finalize implementation plan
  8. Pilot solution
  9. Roll-out solution
  10. Check the progress
Then it was followed by the conduct of One-Day CI Action Planning Workshop where every school head was trained to prepare action plan to be implemented on June, 2015. Before the one-day CI action planning workshop, Panglima Indanan Central School has already organized its CI team reflected in the previous paragraph, who determined the priority improvement area that would need CI processes and three A's approach. As shown in the Facebook Website post of CI Facilitator, Panglima Indanan Central School is now in action doing the root-cause analysis why those CI targets were in the habit of non-interest in their respective classes. 

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