Saturday, July 4, 2015

DIC Monitors CI Implementation in MES and PICS

The District In-Charge monitored CI implementation yesterday in Mukammali Elementary School and Panglima Indanan Central School. He left the ISD Office past twelve highnoon. He arrived at PICS during sista time and met two CI team members, Anariza J. Hussam and Fauzy I. Jadjulie. The TIC of PICS was not around. Accordingly, Andrada M. Asid, the Process Owner left for Jolo ahead of her teachers for official transaction. So, the school office was locked  but the was able to peep from the window that the CI Corner was designed in the corner of the office where the CI Team members were individually written in bold letters.

Last District Team Visitation conducted June 8, 2015, PICS was of those schools that already designated CI Corner which was attached in the corner of Grade 4 classes. The DIC advised the Process Owner to transfer it to the school office to avoid disturbance in the classroom.

At around two o'clock in the afternoon of last Friday, the DIC proceeded to Mukammali Elementary School headed by Process Owner, Melda I. Adug, Head Teacher - III. Melda I. Adug was in the school office when the DIC appeared. She entertained well the DIC and told her that he was in CI monitoring in PICS and in Timbangan ES, Bunot ES and Poblacion ES the day before. She guided the DIC to visit the classroom of target CI beneficiaries in Grade 4 handled by Embraida N. Nahudan, CI Communicator. He told the DIC that the number of targets increased because there were lots of homecomers from Sabah, Malaysia enrolled in that particular grade level.

Afterwards, the DIC and the Process Owner returned to the school office where the CI Corner was designated. He took picture of it with the school head facing the CI table. On her back side was the CI team members chart written with the complete name of CI team and their different CI position as follows:
  • Melda I. Adug - Process Owner
  • Intan H. Jandul - Team Leader
  • Aida P. Espilin - Facilitator
  • Hanna P. Astian - Scribe
  • Nurhima A. Ibno - Scribe
  • Shernalyn A. Alibbun - Documentation
  • Sherwina J. Muksan - Documentation
  • Mardiya A. Isduri - Process Observer
The DIC began his inputs on asking questions how many times the CI team already met, what they took up, what made them proud of, and what challenge they encounter during initial implementation of CI action plan. He gave emphasis on following the three A's and 10-step CI process while achieving their school CI project's name 'IMPREA' in Grade 4 or 'improve reading' proficiency level of Grade 4 learners. He also motivated the Process Owner to be particular with documentation of every step they move along the way of CI action plan in preparation for the forthcoming participation of Mukammali Elementary School in the District CI Congregation that will be tentatively conducted on October, 2015. 

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