Wednesday, July 1, 2015

DIC Monitors Three CI Implementing Schools

Yesterday, June 30, 2015, the District In-Charge monitored three Continuous Improvement implementing schools in Indanan South District. He was  escorted by Naser L. Assil, District Property Custodian and District ICT Coordinator to Timbangan Elementary School, Bunot Elementary School and Annexes and Poblacion Elementary School and Annex. They  arrived at Timbangan Elementary School at around eleven o'clock in the morning. Masdida M. Sarabi, TIC of the school welcomed them warmly and accompanied them to the Text2Teach room where CI Corner occupied some spaces of the room. The CI Corner was gracefully designated and well-structured with CI team members' name painted in bold letter  attached to the greenboard.  There was a cabinet under the greenboard that serves as table for the display of CI documents such as minutes of the team meeting, record books and other CI materials and outputs done in connection with the initial CI action plan implementation. The school CI project name is 'MNR  in Grade 2-B written on the greenboard. Process Owner, Masdida M. Sarabi informed the monitoring team that Nur-aisha Saluan, the CI Documenter spent much time in designing the attractive CI Corner.

"How many meetings did you observe among CI team?" the DIC asked the Process Owner while he sat in circular form with CI team of Timbangan ES. "What CI activities did you undertake in connection with your CI implementation plan?" further asked by the DIC.

Process Owner Answered, "We already met for two times. We started with the structuring of CI Corner and reviewed the CI action plan. We also reviewed the named of school CI project."

The DIC advised the the team to follow the 3 A's of CI and its 10-step processes. He also asked the team how many pupils were targeted in their CI project named 'Minimized Non-Readers in Grade 2-B.  The team told the DIC that their target was only 85% of the beneficiaries for the period of six months.

The monitoring team proceeded to Bunot Elementary School headed by Process Owner, Jurmainna H. Hunding, Head Teacher - III of the school.

"We are on monitoring purposes for your CI room," the DIC told the school head. "We had been in Timbangan Elementary School," he added.

After taking picture the CI corner of Bunot Elementary School, the DIC requested the Process Owner to sit together with all CI team members for ten minutes. He asked what their school CI project's name was and where it was written. Accordingly, it was 'MA in Grade 5' or Minimize Absenteeism in Grade 5. Target learners were 11. The CI team already started doing the root-cause analysis by conducting individual interview. Three CI clients was already interviewed why they were used to commit absenteeism. As did in Timbangan Elementary School, the DIC asked the team about documentation all about. There was individual sharing on what documentation was the moment any of the members would hear the word documentation. So, word documentation was constructed with diverse meaning. The DIC was so proud to note the team had already video and many copies of photos stored in their mobile pertaining to their implementation of the CI processes based on their CI action plan. As reported by the interviewer and process owner, the relationship between the CI team and the respondents was so enjoyable. True reasons of those frequently-absent pupils came out authentic from the tips of their tongues.

Poblacion Elementary School was the last venue of the monitoring team. The met the Process Owner, Alyasir A. Hussam, TIC of the school in his office. CI Corner was attached to the TIC's office with CI team members chart was displayed. The school CI project's name was D' NR-3 Reducers which means Reducers for the Decrease Non-Readers in Grade 3. The CI team already met for two times just to brainstorm how the implement their CI action plan.

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