Thursday, July 16, 2015

"Filipino: Wika ng Pambansang Kaunlaran"

This year’s celebration of the Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 2015 possesses a theme: "FILIPINO: WIKA NG PAMBANSANG KAUNLARARN". The theme was given by the KWF (Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino). The Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 2015 will be celebrated with the following purposes:
  1. Fully implement Presidential Proclamation No. 1041
  2. Use the language through translation as an instrument of peace
  3. Reflect the importance of language understand more predominantly for national unity
The celebration for Buwan ng Wika began in 1935 pursuant to Proclamation No. 2. It continued until this day especially in all public elementary or secondary schools where DepED has required the submission of its observance as one the year-end reports of the school heads. However, the KWF has scheduled activities across the country in connection with the celebration of the Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 2015. 

Back on March 26, 1946, President Sergio Osmeña issued Proclamation No. 35 that designated the period from March 27 to April 2 “National Language Week,” each year. Then, on September 23, 1955, President Ramon Magsaysay transferred the celebration to August 13-19 of every year, in honor of known “Father of our National Language,” President Manuel Quezon‘s birth anniversary.
To further strengthen previous proclamations, President Fidel Ramos issued Proclamation No. 1041 on January 15, 1997, which declared the whole month of August as the “National Language Month.” In addition, late former President Manuel L. Quezon, who is considered as Father of National Language, was born on the 19th day of August, 1878. On the basis of this proclamation, the KWF spearheads the conduct of significant and timely programs which are related to language and Filipino culture. The KWF starts the celebration on August 1 in the city of Batangas. Formal opening of Buwan ng Wika will be done in coordination with the Office of the Provincial Governor, Vilma Santos-Recto. Province of Batangas will be proclaimed as the pilot of E.O. 335. E.O. 335 mandates all offices of the government agencies to use Filipino as the official language of correspondence and communication.
Today, the National Language Week and Month are still celebrated in the Philippines. It is on the official calendar list of cultural events in the country.

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