Friday, July 31, 2015

OSYDA Members' Confirmation for Summit in Tagaytay

OSYDA (Out-of-School-Youth Development Alliance) convened at Municipal Administrator's Residence, Hon. Hji. Akmad Muksan, Km. 2, Kajatian, Indanan, Sulu last July 24, 2015 at around 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. It finalized the confirmation of every member of OSYDA in the Summit of seven sites that will be held in Tagaytay effective August 10-13, 2015.

Khanhar Abdulmoin, MYDev (Mindanao Youth for Development) On-site Coordinator for Indanan Municipality presided the meeting of all members of OSYDA constituted by the municipal officials and line agencies of which DepED-Indanan South District is one of them. Almost ninety-nine percent (99%) of the OSYDA members decided to depart from Jolo on August 9, 2015. The team were in agreement of their 1-aircraft flight from Zamboanga to Manila on August 10, 2015 in the morning. Boat or Wessam tickets would be procured by MYDev until venue of the summit and vice versa. The group returned, in sha Allah, on August 13, 2015. MYDev Coordinator also asked those members would like to extend their short stay in Manila. Accordingly, MYDev would arranged it provided their duratiom may not last longer.

In case of the District In-Charge, DIC Samoore could hardly confirmed at first due to his MA Comprehensive Examination in the Notre Dame of Jolo College scheduled on August 8 and 15 of this year. He presented to the presiding officer, Utu' Khanhar, MPDC Officer, Engr. Sawradjan and MIO, Utu' Diri. The officials of the OSYDA really wanted the DIC to be with them. 

"Don't worry. Anyway, all of us will be leaving on the 9th day of August. Your Compre will only be on 8th day of August and back on 15th day of the same month," chorused by the OSYDA team. "We will leave Tagaytay and Manila on August 13. Surely, we will be in Jolo on August 14. So, you can have your second Compre in the following day,'' OSYDA continued.

OSYDA's explanation about the journey's scheduled convinced the DIC.

"Okay, list now my name," Moore willingly expressed in front of the OSYDA officials.

In the following day, DIC Moore proceeded to the second day of Sulu Division Policy Conference held at the DepED Conference Hall, Jolo, Sulu from July 24-26, 2015. Kerwin C. Asid, Principal I of Mohammad Jadjurie Elementary School, Jolo I District and Division Coordinator for SPED approached DIC Moore informing about the mobile call of Ma'am Aika relative to the TOT on K to 12 that would be tentatively scheduled in the first week of August. Accordingly, Ma'am Aika made special mention about DIC's name in the proposed list of participants. Mashallah, the DIC immediately confessed in front of Sir Kerwin concerning his unavailability from the first week of August until 15th day. August 4 will be OSYDA's conduct of Islamic Values Orientation for two-batch of OSY in Barangay Bwanza and Barangay Pasil where his presence is a must. August 6 will be 1-Day Orientation of ENGAGE for IMSB (Indanan Municipal School Board) members. He also informed Sir Keing about his scheduled Compre.

"It's tentative schedule yet according to Ma'am Aika," Keing clarified.

"I might be available on August 16," Moore responded.

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