Friday, July 31, 2015

Procedures of Ranking DepED Personnel for PBB

In the second day of 2nd Batch DepED-Sulu Division Policy Conference at DepED Conference Hall, Jolo, Sulu last July 25, 2015, Dr. Joel A. Alamia, ESP I/Division Coordinator for Araling Panlipunan presented a very interesting learning session thru PowerPoint signifying about the proper preparation and guidelines for the entitlement of DepED personnel in the Division, District and School levels in the most awaited implementation of which is the so-called PBB (Performance-Based Bonus).

Several hands raised to Dr. Alamia clarifying about the proper ranking of personnel for PBB. Participants of the Division Policy Conference 2015 encountered a little bit of confusion particularly on the right head to rate and rank those school nurses and those teachers designated district coordinators. Dr. Alamia advised the district heads, principals, head teachers and Teachers In-Charge to see him in his office right after the policy conference for further clarification concerning the guidelines for PBB ranking of personnel.

Last Monday, July 27, 2015, the District In-Charge paid visit to the Office of the Division Coordinator for Araling Panlipunan with Naser L. Assil, District ICT and Property Custodian. Sir Joe made into details the procedures of ranking staff, school head, teachers and school nurse. The DIC listened attentively to Dr. Alamia. Ranking of personnel for PBB should be divided into three categories, namely: 1. Best Perfomer; 2. Better Performer; and 3 Good Performer. There is specific percentage for every category of which ten percent (10%) for Best Performer; twenty-five percent (25%) for Better Performent; and sixty-five percent (65%) for Good Performer. Personnel that falls under Best Performer shall receive fifteen thousand pesos (P 15, 000.00); Better Performer shall receive ten thousand pesos (10, 000.00); and Good Performer will receive only five thousand pesos (5, 000.00)

The District Supervisor, District In-Charge, Principal In-Charge, or Officer In-Charge is the official authority to rank all those public elementary schools in the district following the aforemention percentage and categories. Accordingly, schools are not mentioned to receive cash but it may be priority for certain DepED programs and projects that may assist and sustain the performance of the schools. Basis for the ranking of elementary schools is the performance indicators and other success indicators reflected in the accomplishment report of the school heads attached to their respective SIP (School Improvement Plan).

It is the duty of the district head to rank the district staff whose appointment and assignment are not related to teaching responsibility in the classroom or school. Sir Joe told the DIC that only utility worker may be ranked for staff personnel in the case of Indanan South District. District head may prepare self-evaluation using PASSA (Performance Appraisal System for Sschool Administrators to be approved by the Schools Division Superintendent. The district head's name will appear in the Ranking Template for PBB with the name of district staff (Utility worker).

Further, it is also the duty of the district head to rank all the school administrators based on their PASSA. Afterwards, school administrators' names shall be reflected in the same Ranking Template used by school heads in ranking their teachers and personnel.

The school heads are the right persons to rank teachers in their respective schools using the same procedures mentioned above. Ranking at school level may include teachers, school utility and school nurses. Name of school heads, school utility and school nurses shall appear in the same Ranking Template for PBB.

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