Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sports Activity Diverts Monotony

In 2012, the Indanan South District modified the conduct of District Meet participated by the eleven elementary schools, namely: 1. Kasambuhan Village Elementary School; 2. Panglima Mammah Elementary School; 3. Timbangan Elementary School; 4. Palan Elementary School; 5. Bunot Elementary School and Annexes; 6. Panglima Indanan Central School; 7. Poblacion Elementary School and Annex; 8. Mukammali Elementary School; 9. Langpas Elementary School and Annex; 10. Panglima Ahajan Elementary School and Annex; and 11. Pasil Elementary School and Annexes. Its innovation was done by way of increasing the number of competing units, maximizing the sports events that would be played on, synchronizing with both conduct of academic and ball games competitions, holding a kilometer parade and involving the PTCA, SPG, CTA, SGC, IMSB, LGU, BLGU's and other sectors and educational stakeholders.

"It is a diversion of monotony, Samoore," concluded by the Municipal Information Officer, Hji. Iriles N. Ladjabassal whily they headed the long parade towards the stage of Pasil Elementary School where an opening program of ISD Meet 2014 was happily done.

"Yes, condition may change every individual either mentally, socially, or emotionally," the DIC responded.

In the last week of May, 2015, a basketball league competition of the youth coming from the different barangays of Indanan Municipality was held in Pasil Elementary School Playground. It was sponsored through the able leadership of Hon. Mayor, Saripuddin "Eddih" D. Jikiri. The competition lasted almost for a week. Mayor Eddih would also be fond of playing basketball and known player not just in his municipality but even throughout Sulu as far as Zamboanga City. Every Eid and Eid'l Adha, he declares holidays in Indanan exclusively for Hariraya Celebrations where sports competitions mark as the highlights of the special day for both municipal employees, DepED personnel and some government workers of the line agencies of the municipality.

Teaching and non-teaching staff from ISD were encouraged to compose some teams for volleyball and basketball events. The team was not just limited to men; rather; women players were  highly recognized in the sports participation. Common bracket of DepED-Indanan South District team occurred between the Indanan municipal employees and some residents of Barangay Pasil team. So, ISD teachers would always be full of joy in joining the sports program of Mayor Eddih because they won a lot most of the time.

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