Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sustaining DepED Sulu Thrusts Toward a New Dimension in Muslim Mindanao

"SUSTAINING DEPED SULU THRUSTS TOWARD A NEW DIMENSION IN MUSLIM MINDANAO" is theme of 2015 Division Policy Conference that will be conducted in two batches at DepED Conference Hall, Scott Road, Jolo,Sulu. 

First Batch will be on July 20-22, 2015 for the following districts and secondary schools:
  1. Jolo I District
  2. Jolo III District
  3. Indanan North District
  4. Siasi I District
  5. Laminusa District
  6. Siasi II District
  7. Sibaud District
  8. Patikul East District
  9. Parang West District
  10. Omar District
  11. Maimbung District
  12. Pata District
  13. Pangutaran District
  14. Jolo National High School
  15. Laminusa National High School
  16. Maimbung National High School (Main Campus)
  17. Pandami National High School
  18. Jolo Agricultural School (Main & Annex)
  19. Indanan National High School (Main & Annexes)
  20. Pangutaran National High School (Main & Annex)
  21. Talipao National High School (Main & Annex)
  22. Luuk National High School
  23. Private Schools
  24. SUCS
  25. Panglima Tahil National High School
  26. Parang National High School (Main & Annex)
  27. Lapak National High School
Second Batch will be on July 23-25, 2015 for the following districts and secondary schools:
  1. Jolo II District
  2. Jolo IV District
  3. Indanan South District
  4. Patikul West District
  5. Parang East District
  6. Kalinggalan Caluang District
  7. Talipao District
  8. Tapul District
  9. Panamao District
  10. Lugus District
  11. Luuk District
  12. Tongkil District
  13. Sulu National High School
  14. Jolo School of Fisheries
  15. Tongkil National High School
  16. Maimbung National High School (Annex)
  17. Kalinggalan Caluang National High School
  18. Panglima Estino National High School
  19. Tapul National High School
  20. Capual National High School
  21. Patikul National High School
  22. Panamao National High School
  23. Pata National High School
  24. Lugus National High School
  25. Kamlon Memorial High School
  26. Pangutaran National High School (Annex)
  27. Talipao National High School (Annex)
Participants may further be extended for the following school officials:
  1. Asst. Schools Division Superintendents
  2. Education Program Supervisors
  3. Division Coordinators
  4. Section Chiefs
  5. District Supervisors
  6. Districts In-Charge
  7. Secondary Schools Principals
  8. Officers In-Charge
  9. Secondary School Head Teachers
  10. Caretakers
  11. School Heads
  12. District Planning Coordinators
  13. Heads of Private Secondary and Elementary Schools
Every participant is required for the registration fee in the amount of P 600.00 pesos for the reproduction of materials needed, two snacks/day, t-shirt and other incidental expenses incurred. Registration and giving of sizes for the t-shirt may commence on June 29, 2015

Furthermore, all participants are directed to impart to their respective teachers and personnel in their respective areas of assignments all the policies and DepED thrusts tackled during the 2015 Division Policy Conference. All district supervisors, districts In-Charge, secondary school principals, officers in-charge are advised to submit their respective accomplishment reports to the office of the schools division superintendent on July 20 for the first batch and July 23 for the second batch.

This has reference to the Division Memorandum No. 28 s. 2015.

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