Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tambuang Fall Appears in DepED-Sulu Division Presentation Soon

Tambuang Fall is one of the slides presentation of DepED-Sulu in the Regional gathering of the Schools Division Superintendent tentatively scheduled from July 13-15, 2015. This information relayed  to the District In-Charge by Dr. Joel A. Alamia, Division Coordinator for Araling Panlipunan.

A week ago, Dr. Alamia phoned the DIC asking favor about capturing of Tambuang Fall photos.

"For what purpose, Sir Joe?" the DIC asked.

"Our SDS will include it in her presentation in the Regional gathering from July 13-15, 2015. Its her advice for me to have the pictures of Tambuang Fall," Dr. Alamia confirmed.

"What does Tambuang Fall have?" the DIC inquired

"It is one of the endemic history of Sulu. It's so historic," the Division Coordinator proudly answered.

After some hours, the DIC, District PESS Coordinator, Jahaddi J. Taulani and Faijal I. Andan rode in motorcycles towards Palan Elementary School headed by Dr. Hja. Sarah Y. Hayudini, the Elementary School Principal. Palan Elementary School is the only school of Indanan South District located near the requested fall. Thus, Dr. Alamia thru the District In-Charge negotiated Palan Elementary School teachers for the evidence of the waterfall photos. 

Teachers of Palan ES are always ready for whatever needs of the ISD and SDS. They promised to fulfill the favor asked by the Division Office. Alhamdulillah, Dr. Hja. Sarah Y. Hayudini sent mobile messages to the DIC last night confirming the captured images of Tambuang Fall.

"Thank you very much, Inda' Hja. May the Good rewards you, Palan Elementary School teachers for making efforts to fulfill the request of our Schools Division Superintendent," the DIC replied humbly. "You may instruct Inda' Juay to post those images in her Facebook timeline," the DIC continued.

The principal of Palan ES followed affirmatively. Juaisa "Inda' Juay" Y. Muallam is her sister and teacher who just posted the photos in Facebook tonight

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