Friday, July 3, 2015

Zizwenhar M. Jupli, BEAM Coordinator Visits ISD Office This Morning

Zizwenhar M. Jupli, BEAM (Basic Education Assistance for Mindanao) Coordinator in Sulu visited Indanan South District Office this morning. As she entered the office, she introduced herself that she's from BEAM and would like to talk with DIC of Indanan South District.

The DIC had her sit down and asked what she wanted to have from ISD.

"I just want to get the number of enrollment and number of teachers in Kasambuhan Village ES, Poblacion ES and Mukammali ES," Ziz opened her purpose.

"For what purpose are those data?" asked the DIC. "Certain personnel from BEAM also came to us gathering information about those three schools. Accordingly, it was an assessment in preparation for the rehab and school building construction. The administrators of those schools spent much time in filling out many forms. PTCA/SGC's collaboration was greatly involve. There data gathered by the school heads that made them challenged and even disturbed from the school leadership priorities just to comply the concrete and complete compliance. It was; however; fruitless until today. There was a recent mobile call from friend in Cotabato City that school building construction would be ready for implementation. Unfortunately, it may not come to materialize rather it would be possible to be re-aligned to other area because of volatile peace and order situation. I answered why they did not consult first the concerned school head, parents and community members in the locality before doing its re-alignment. If we do not do it that way, there might be a bad image and distrust to happen on the part of the stakeholders in the school community where the school heads told them the possibilities of the school needs. If the current assessment for our district is not appropriate for the government projects, it's meaningless for us to gather more data. Anyway, all school data were already in the planning office reflected, for instance in eBEIS and other school forms. Many came to us gathering school data but they did not come again and consult us when the program or project would be ready for implementation. They commonly said that our area was horrible. But what I can definitely say to you that all our teachers are now in their respective schools meeting their school children from Monday to Friday. Now, we can start working together for the needs of our schools if you think that our locality deserve for the program," the DIC elaborated.

"The assessment for the three school has not yet finalized that's why there's no yet project implemented until today," Ziz confirmed. "I'm just new in BEAM. Formerly, I was ARMM Social Fund Programs. I am send to your district just to continue the previous assessment of those three schools," Ziz confessed.

"Nice!. I'm so proud to work with you. Now, what shall we start?" asked the DIC.

"I would like to have first the contact numbers of those three school heads so that I can coordinate them for whatever actions may commence," Ziz planned.

So, DIC happily opened his phonebook and gave Ziz what she demanded. Afterwards, he drove his XRM Sports down the road to those schools for the information and other monitoring activities particularly on the CI implementation of ISD schools. He left ISD Office past twelve highnoon. 

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