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ISD: As of now, Albert Santoli is ever-connected to 6 schools of ISD

First school that made AAI (Asisa America Initiative) President, Albert Santoli connected to Indanan South District is Kasambuhan Village Elementary School headed by TIC, Abdurasul Sajili who is now Principal of Camp Asturias Elementary School. The Schools Division Superintendent those days was Dr. Hja. Amy U. Malbun, CESO and the ISD District In-Charge was Hji. Masihul S. Sajili. I was a District PESS Coordinator that time escorting the DIC. Albert Santoli said that he really loves Kasambuhan Village ES because of the best conduct of Chairman Kaid Ajibon who considered him as one of the members of Kaid's Family.

School children of Kasambuhan Village Elementary School
In 2006, I was designated as Teacher In-Charge of Bunot Primary School, Lugmah Primary School and Mukammali Primary School. I established my administrative office in Bunot PS. Then AAI President happened to visit Kasambuhan VES together with Sen. Gordon. The TIC of Kasambuhan VES advised me to prepare folder of request to Albert Santoli for the adoption of Bunot PS. I successfully submitted it.

On August 8, 2007, I was transferred to handle Pasil Elementary School. I made the same request with what I did in Bunot PS. Triumphantly, the AAI President with Honey arrived on November 29, 2007.

First official visit of AAI President, Albert Santoli to Pasil Elementary School
Kasambuhan Village Elementary School Head

Pasil Elementary School Head and Asec Alfhadar Pajiji

I advised the school heads of Timbangan ES, Panglima Indanan CS and Poblacion ES to display streamers across Indanan-Parang National Highway welcoming the visit of Albert Santoli. Advice materialized except in Panglima Indanan CS because Hja. Balmanuria A. Adoh, TIC of the school was so busy that time. Thus, the AAI President was not able to pass by that school.

Poblacion Elementary and Timbangan Elementary School Heads

Poblacion Elementary School Head
Because of the volatile peace and order circumstances in Indanan Municipality and change of leadership in the ISD schools, AAI visit and online communication with Albert Santoli weakened. Fortunately, PSDS Samoore S. Ladjahali was installed as District In-Charge July 16, 2012. He spent much time in social media particularly the Facebook Website where he was able to find the FB account of AAI President. Friendship was revived again especially between Kasambuhan VES and AAI.

Program on health and nutrition became the new focus of AAI in DepED-Sulu. Ma'am Hja. Shareen M. Lakibul was identified by Albert Santoli as the most trusted school nurse. Recognition of Pasil ES, Timbangan ES and Poblacion ES as additional AAI schools in ISD began. AAI assistance to ISD schools grew more. It does not just focus on instructional supplies like books, kits and other learning materials but it moves to health and nutrition supplies and even sports equipment and machines like generator. School feeding was also conducted through the assistance of AAI. Last year, AAI launched its program on Gulayan sa Paaralan in partnership with Sulu Department of Agriculture. This program became an entrance of Bunot ES and Mukammali ES to AAI.

Gulayan sa Paaralan of Bunot Elementary School

Squash harvests from Gulayan sa Paaralan of Mukammali Elementary School
Alhamdulillah, Bunot Elementary School and Mukammali Elementary School are now included in the AAI book supplies. This is the first time for both elementary schools to have this kind of supplies.

Bunot Elementary School teachers receiving AAI book supplies

Mukammali Elementary School head receiving books from AAI

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