Sunday, February 7, 2016

ISD: Congratulations to our LET passers

September, 2015 LET produced more passers in Indanan South District compared to the previous conduct of Licensure Examination for Teachers. 14 of them successfully passed the exam. Out of 14 successful passers, 4 is already nationally-funded as provisional teachers.

Name of passers is hereby enumerated below in an alphabetical order starting with their given names.

1. Anangkasla A. Darkis, ALIVE Teacher, Pasil ES 
2. Derhana S. Abduhari, Volunteer Teacher of Pasil ES
3. Evelyn D. Gaiber, Applicant from Bunot ES
4. Jainab A. Nuron, Provisional Teacher, Pasil ES 
5. MayleneJ. Arada, Volunteer Teacher, Poblacion ES
6. Muhaida B. Rahsi, Volunteer Teacher of Panglima Indanan CentralSch
7. Nagdar U. Sasapan, ALIVE Teacher, Pasil ES
8. Pindah S. Ibrahim, Volunteer Teacher of Manilop PS
9. Raima Y. Ahaddin, Volunteer Teacher of Manilop PS
10. Sara-JaneH. Akmad, Volunteer Teacher, Kasambuhan Village ES
11. Selmahal H. Ajini, Volunteer Teacher, Mukammali ES 
12. Shermalyn S. Padiwan, Volunteer Teacher, Timbangan ES
14. Sitti Aiza D. Abdurajid, Volunteer Teacher of Pasil ES

In the advent of Dr. John A. Magno as DepED-ARMM Secretary, 6 LET passers were hired and deployed to 4 elementary schools of Indanan South District. They are as follows:

1. Alnashvier I. Abduljalil assigned in Bunot Elementary School;
2. Hadzfar S. Calbi assigned in Timbeangan Elementary School;
3. Sharifa Mharrojeane Alih assigned in Poblacion Elementary School;
4. Katrina A. Julkiram assigned in Poblacion Elementary School;
5. Nurhima A. Ibno assigned in Mukammali Elementary School; and
6. Shernalyn A. Alibbun assigned in Mukammali Elementary School, too.

As of this moment, ISD is so prooud of having 24 successful LET passers who are ever-ready to face the slogan appeared on the picture below.

1. Airina H. Ismael
2. Bernadin D. Abduhajan
3. Bibina M. Jainul
4. Derhana S. Abduhari
5. Evelyn D. Gaiber
6. Hanna P. Astian
7. Ibnohajar M. Jadjuli
8. Isnija Ambutong
9. Marcelina H. Elie
10. Maylene J. Arada
11. Muhaida B. Rahsi
12. Nur-aisha S. Saluan
13. Paksa A. Isman
14. Pindah I. Lajong
15. Pindah S. Ibrahim
16. Raima Y. Ahaddin
17. Sara-Jane H. Akmad
18. Selmahal H. Ajini
19. Shermalyn A. Hamsinain
20. Shermalyn S. Adjarae
21. Shermalyn S. Padiwan
22. Sitti Aiza D. Abdurajid
23. Suharto S. Alpha
24. Tindah I. Sippae

The aforementioned LET passers have already undergone the prescribed processes set by the DepED-ARMM officials in hiring and selection of new teachers.

Good luck, guys.

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