Friday, March 18, 2016

Graduation Message 2016 of Sec. John A. Magno

RIO DepED-ARMM is an official page in Facebook Website where the Secretary's 2016 Graduation Message was posted yesterday tagged with eight DepED personnel in Facebook. The post has likes as many as one hundred fifty-five with forty-two shares.

Graduation Message of Sec. John A. Magno
Regional Secretary

The whole world moves in one direction to renew the value of education in an era where global transition takes its peak. The breakthroughs in science and technology take roots in the boundless nature of human creation and its capacity to infuse new culture. From there, the future is yet another imagination that could become reality.

But those can only become real with minds that are not afraid to dare, never doubtful to think, and never hesitant to venture into the unknown. That is what manifest learning is all about and that is what education must nurture.

It is not education for the sake of it but a quality of education that reveals its value: to make life better and create a world that is never timid to change. This is a direction that calls for a life-long learning with a foundation strong enough to build both courage and confidence in and among the young.

For decades, change has been a constant desire but never envisioned on how it could be achieved.  However, one thing is certain: the want for change must be ingrained in its very foundation – in basic education where young minds learn the basic of life and living. While the rest of the world easily subscribed to the conditions that would promote it, we procrastinated and remained with the old. Only when we saw the rest surge ahead of us did we realize that we slide with the stream of reform.

Basic education reform is ripe for the harvest and it is from where we must start. The changed was envisioned must be planted in the midst of those who will make it happen. It is understandable that some may resist the change as all innovators in history had it in their fates. But experience; likewise; tells us we lose all chances if hesitation rules over our determination to do what we must. We have to take on that challenge to tread on a new and even unknown path and contribute our share in the development that we all want.

I congratulate this year’s graduates as they move towards a new chapter in the Philippine Basic Education. Change agents are all what you must be.

Congratulations and may the Omnipotent Allah’s Wisdom guides you in your life journey.

Graduation Message 2016 of Sec. John A. Magno
Dr. John A. Magno

Regional Secretary

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