Friday, March 18, 2016

ISD School Administrators' Finalization on Closing Exercises 2016

Coffee Shop, Tanjung Rd., Km. 2, Kajatian, Indanan, Sulu, March 11, 2016 - Eleven school heads of Indanan South District under the supervision of PSDS Samoore S. Ladjahali gathered together for the finalization of Graduation Exercises 2016 schedule throughout eleven elementary schools of the district.

The conference was adjourned with agreed specific schedule for the graduation of all Grade 6 graduates. Non-clustered schools would conduct their closing exercises on the first day of April, 2016 while those clustered schools for graduation would commence on the next day. The assigned District Commissioner will proclaim the candidates for graduation of Bunot Elementary School, Panglima Mammah Elementary School and Kasambuhan Village Elementary School on the fresh day of April, 2016 before he will proceed to Pasil Elementary School, Poblacion Elementary School and Timbangan Elementary School on the second day of April, 2016. This schedule was based on School Calendar 2015 and DepED Order No. 07 s. 2016.

First clustered schools are Panglima Ahajan Elementary School and Pasil Elementary School; Second clustered schools are Panglima Indanan Central School, Langpas Elementary School, Mukammali Elementary School and Poblacion Elementary School; and the third one includes Palan Elementary School and Timbangan Elementary School. Every school head is required to attend Graduation Exercises 2016 conducted in all elementary schools of ISD. As agreed on the meeting, proxy is not allowed.

Special awards honored to the different achievers should be given during school recognition day to ensure enough time for the commissioner and other school officials to appear in other school closing exercises. Invitation for regional figures was not made in a sense that Indanan North District already invited Sir Asec for Special Projects, Mr. Alfhadar Pajiji. Yet, assurance of Asec's presence is not yet confirmed as he told PSDS Moore that it would depend on the arrangement with Regional Secretary. In the event that the Asec would be available on either first or second day of April without disturbing the invitation of Indanan North District, ISD schools are still ready to show their warm welcome for the regional guest.

As traditionally observed, school personnel would use school uniform, blue for the first day and brown for the second day.

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